Challenge: Chattahoochee Nature Center stored staff emails and shared calendars on a local Exchange server that required significant staff time and CNC funds to maintain.

Solution: For better management, access and cost savings, TechBridge recommended CNC migrate their email, calendars and software to the cloud using Microsoft Office 365.

Details: TechBridge obtained nonprofit licenses from Microsoft to minimize the monthly cost per user. Volunteers from Landis+Gyr were onsite the day of the transition to Office 365. They worked alongside TechBridge engineers to troubleshoot issues and to show the staff how to use the new tools.

Impact: Since eliminating their Exchange server, CNC has been saving over $1300 per year in server maintenance. CNC staffers now have cloud back-up for all their emails, and they are able to work remotely with ease. With their email and shared calendars at their fingertips, the entire team is able to respond to visitors and volunteers more quickly.

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