Total Funding Needed

To enable HealthMPowers to expand their mission and outreach, they need to implement Office 365 SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business to create a new Document Management and Collaboration Solution.

This project is scoped to include three implementation components:

  • Document migration off the legacy Google App platform
  • SharePoint Requirements and Design
  • SharePoint Implementation

Volunteer Opportunities

Once this project is implemented, there will be some great opportunities for a Sponsor’s IT staff to get directly involved:

  • End User Coaching on use of OneDrive for Business, including simple best practices
  • End User Coaching on use of SharePoint Online, including simple best practices
  • Volunteers can assist with Office 2013 agency-wide upgrade/roll out. (They are also in need of some TLC on their company laptops.)
    > Requires Microsoft Office 2013 ProPlus licensing which is available for purchase via
    > TechBridge can provide consulting support for Microsoft Direct Donation Program (MSDDP) which, for qualifying nonprofits, can result in no-cost licensing for some Microsoft Software Products.
  • Agency-wide roll out of Skype-for-Business  after deployment of Office 2013

About HealthMPowers

HealthMPowers was founded in 1999 to promote healthy eating and physical activity in schools using the evidence-based guidelines established by the CDC. Providing schools with the opportunity and resources to get students active is an important part of changing the culture. As an evidence-based public health program, HealthMPowers has established a proven track record over the past decade of improving student health knowledge, behavior, physical activity and school policies—without taking away valuable class time.

HealthMPowers, Adopt-a-NonprofitThe HealthMPowers program is a three-year, school-wide intervention that includes training, direct services and resource materials that are presented in a memorable and interactive format to promote healthy behaviors and environments in schools. In addition to the three-year program, HealthMPowers also offers a variety of stand-alone resources and teaching aids correlated to Core Curriculum Georgia Performance Standards to easily integrate additional health education and physical activity in the classroom.

HealthMPowers, Adopt-a-Nonprofit

During 2014-15, HealthMPowers served a total of 442 schools, 3,099 teachers, and 265,806 schools through the multi-year elementary school program, the child care pilot program, trainings in partnership with the Georgia Deparments of Education and Public Health, and Georgia SHAPE. Independently audited financial information from the fiscal year showed that 93% of expenses were directly related to program services. The average free and reduced lunch rate was 84%, indicating that the majority the population is low-income and underserved.

HealthMPowers’ team members provided approximately 2,762 hours of direct nutrition and physical activity, while approximately 45,753 additional hours of nutrition and physical activity instruction were provided by respective participating school staff using the resources, lessons and training provided by HealthMPowers. Results from both the additional instruction and increased physical activity include an 87% improvement in student nutrition and physical activity behaviors; a 69% improvement in student’s PACER fitness test which measures aerobic fitness; and 78% of students maintaining or improving BMI percentiles.