Total Funding Needed

Opportunity For All

In support of their vision of opportunity for all, the Latin American Association brings the American dream to life by serving the needs of immigrants from Latin America in metro Atlanta with a full spectrum of services and programs that help families adapt to their new country and integrate into the community.

Latin American Association TechBridge Adopt-a-NonprofitLAA wants to work with TechBridge’s Impact Group to develop a plan for LAA to demonstrate the impact of their programs and services in an empirical and compelling way. Being able to demonstrate the impact of LAA can attract more and bigger investments. LAA wants to serve as a best-practices model and provide programmatic technical assistance to other nonprofits serving Latinos. Demonstrating impact can also help LAA to attract attention from mainstream media and regional and national groups.

TechBridge’s Impact Group will facilitate the development of Latin American Association’s Theory of Change. We will develop logic models for all LAA services so that LAA can demonstrate how their clients are better off as a result of receiving LAA’s services. TechBridge will also provide consulting to LAA on how to utilize technology to view client data across program areas and demonstrate the collective impact of all LAA services.

Project Cost:
Theory of Change: $2,500
# of Logic Models: 10 (estimated) X $250 = $2,500
Consulting on technology, data analytics and visualization: $5,000
Total Project: $10,000

About Latin American Association

Latin American Association TechBridge Adopt-a-NonprofitThe Latin American Association serves Latinos in Georgia with several programs that seek to help Latinos adapt, integrate and thrive. These programs include Family Services and Emergency Assistance, Youth Programs, Employment Services, Adult Education and Language Programs, Immigration Legal Services, and the Policy and Advocacy Program.

Jennifer Zuniga, who has participated in the LAA’s youth program since the ninth grade, is looking forward to her senior year at Cross Keys High School.

This year, Zuniga will cheer for the football and basketball teams, and she will be part of the yearbook staff. She is taking the ACT and retaking the SAT this fall as she gets ready to apply to college. She looks forward to graduating in May.

Zuniga, who is originally from San Luis Potosí in Mexico, dreams of attending the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago, Emory or Oglethorpe. She loves English and creative writing, and wants to be a journalist.

The LAA program, Zuniga says, has allowed her to know herself better and to think more about her future.

“I know I want to get an education beyond high school,” she says. “This program made me realize the importance of education. …My dreams for college are more reachable (now).”

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are vital to the day-to-day operation of the Latin American Association, with volunteers providing support to conduct outreach and recruit potential program participants, host workshops for resume building, provide data entry and administrative support, conduct follow up calls to monitor participant progress and more.

The LAA is constantly seeking working professionals for the mentoring program which is composed of many different professionals from the metro Atlanta area that work one on one with students. Corporate opportunities consist of resume building workshops, mock interviews, food pantry and clothing closet restocking and organization, painting, and more.