Total Funding Needed

Pebble Tossers utilizes large amounts of data to manage its contacts, volunteers, nonprofit partners, volunteer opportunities and other relationships it has in the community. To ensure the efficiency and productivity of its mission programs and outcomes reporting, Pebble Tossers needs your help to make its vision of consolidated data management in one cloud-based application a reality.

About Pebble Tossers

Pebble Tossers TechBridge Adopt-a-NonprofitPebble Tossers Inc. is a youth development organization and family volunteering resource that makes it easy to find fun, age-appropriate service projects for kids and teens in Metro Atlanta. Finding a meaningful service project for kids can be tricky and time-consuming, so Pebble Tossers has done all the leg-work to identify fun volunteer projects with local, pre-screened organizations in need of assistance.

Pebble Tossers Projects – over 200 and growing – are age appropriate and cover 12 major cause areas including: The Arts, Animals, Education & Literacy, Elderly, Environment, Families in Crisis, Homelessness, Hunger, Global Awareness, Philanthropy, Sick & Special Needs Children, and US Troops & Veterans.

Pebble Tossers also hosts monthly Pre-Scheduled Group Community Service Projects where kids can volunteer and learn about a local nonprofit organization that’s doing amazing things to improve our community.

What Parents Think
Pebble Tossers TechBridge Adopt-a-Nonprofit “As a mom of two young children and a long-time volunteer of several organizations, I understand the importance of instilling the spirit of giving through contributions of time and effort to assist others. Pebble Tossers is an amazing organization that allows my kids to discover volunteering by matching their hobbies and interests with the many nonprofits we have in Atlanta. The outcome for me as a parent is that I see my children having fun and learning to give back. Pebble Tossers has made a substantial impact in our community through its efforts to bring awareness to the act of giving back and providing volunteering opportunities for our children now and ultimately in their future.”   – Kristine Webster-Sanchez

“We’re going start making our fleece blankets after school.  My son was reading all the animal projects on your site so now wants to get the blanket done quick so he can go pet kittens (I told him only one thing at a time)!   He’s now planning a puppy shower for his birthday in April too!  So glad I registered – you’ve really done an amazing thing here! Congrats on the success!  – Susan, Roswell, GA parent

Pebble Tossers to the Rescue!!  I used your website desperately searching for an organization to take 200 sandwiches after I discovered that Open Door is closed on Fridays.  We’re headed to Clyde’s Kitchen today.  (I should have checked your site beforehand!!)  I love what you have done and it’s a real life-saver!!!  – Katy, Dunwoody, GA parent

“Your good turns not only effect the local community, as far a collecting shoes for the homeless, but towards the nation, such as writing holiday cards to service men and women overseas! Most importantly Pebble Tossers engages the youth in teaching another generation the importance of “paying it forward.”  Every community and city should be fortunate to have an organization such as Pebble Tossers – Job well done!” – Pam Tallmadge, parent & Community Activist, Dunwoody, GA

“A great way to give back to your community all year!  The kids and I are delivering meal to seniors tomorrow!  Can’t wait!” –  Tammy Fox, via Facebook

Pebble Tossers TechBridge Adopt-a-NonprofitWhat Kids Think

I like the projects that we found on Pebble Tossers.  I have to do volunteering stuff for school and sometimes I can’t find projects I want to do.  They have a lot and I can do them with my family.  – Josh, Buckhead, GA, 15 years old

Volunteering is fun, I wish I could do more fun stuff like this.  I like making blankets because I still love my blanket that my grandma gave me.  – Callie, Decatur, GA  10 years old

“Thanks for making me do this, mom.  Those kids are going to be really happy when they got those school supplies – what volunteer project can we do next?” –  Sam K, 12 years old, while leaving the Backpack Bonanza

Pebble Tossers TechBridge Adopt-a-NonprofitWhat Nonprofits Think

“Recently a number of groups have learned about Crossroads through your wonderful website and have made sandwiches for Clyde’s Kitchen.  Thank you for highlighting us and for the wonderful inquiries and participation from these groups!” – Stan Dawson, Crossroads Community Ministries

“I’m a big fan of Pebble Tossers.  They do a really go job of getting youth involved in the community.  They do a lot of good work for us.  Our mission and their mission are similar in getting kids involved.” – Alan Mothner, Executive Director, Dunwoody Nature Center

“They’re filling a need that nobody else is.  It’s service projects for kids.  I am grateful to have the Pebble Tossers website as a tool for parents seeking family volunteer opportunities…They are a great resource for the Metro Atlanta area.” – Amy Kilgore, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Community Assistance Center

“Pebble Tossers does an incredible job of linking volunteers to service projects that fit their interest. Pebble Tossers has a far reach in the community in organizing projects of all size groups and diverse interests. The Pebble Tossers team is enthusiastic about their mission and their passion is conveyed to all who have worked with them.” – Kyle Galenski, Program Manager, Stop Hunger Now