Atlanta Day Shelter for Women & Children

Atlanta Day Shelter logoThe 2012 winner of the Technology Innovation Award, the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children works with the largest homeless demographic in the Atlanta area, women and children under nine years of age.  Prior to working with TechBridge®, they managed their operations like most nonprofits — in spreadsheets, notebooks, and calendars — making running reports a nightmare and strategic planning impossible.

Volunteers and in-kind donors would arrive at the front desk, where they hand wrote personal information and the reason they were at the shelter. Each day the handwritten information was entered into a spreadsheet by a staff member. Now the Shelter has a terminal where volunteers and in-kind donors log their own information into a central database improving accuracy and enabling personalized email thank you notes to go out that day.

Overall savings in this process are already estimated at 20% of one full-time employee per year. This same central database is also used to track the Shelter’s usage of MARTA passes in their job readiness program.  They can now generate a report for MARTA with the click of a button versus having to pull spreadsheets and notebooks saving 4.5 days of administrative  time each year.


Without the grant from TechBridge and Accenture, we would still be stuck in medieval times. You might as well pull out the stone and start chiseling away at tracking our information because that’s what it felt like we were doing. Without TechBridge and their wonderful partners, we wouldn’t be able to serve the homeless women and children that we do in the manner that we are now able to do, so it’s amazing how that extra five minutes we can now spend with a guest holding her hand and listening to her story makes such an impact.

Ginny Nickles
Executive Director
Atlanta Day Shelter for Women & Children