How Vonage Masters Companywide Crowdfunding for a Cause

TechBridge Blog   Guest Blogger   November 18, 2015   0

Vonage has a heritage of giving back within our local communities. Whether it’s helping those impacted by Superstorm Sandy rebuild their homes, cleaning our local beaches, or holding food drives for our Food Banks, our employees wholeheartedly give their time to help others.


Vonage has always been impressed with TechBridge’s effort to bring affordable technology and business expertise to local nonprofits. We wanted to partner with them through their Adopt-a-Nonprofit program to “adopt” a nonprofit whose focus is to better our local community. It was an easy decision to work with the Atlanta Children’s Shelter (ACS) when we learned that more than 2,500 children in Atlanta have no place to live. ACS goes beyond just providing shelter to those who need it—it focuses on getting families trained so they become self-sufficient.


Our employees were excited to start fundraising efforts as part of a special event week, which we dubbed “Summer Camp.” We challenged each functional area to come up with a different activity, and each day of the week was a different team’s turn to organize the activity. The company had bake sales, a corn toss, 60/40 raffles, a rubber duck pool where employees “purchased” ducks for a chance to win prizes, had a count the jelly bean contest and so much more. These activities brought the company together as employees were enthusiastic to participate in events that would have a direct impact on those most in need within their own community.


It was really impressive and heartwarming to see how Vonage employees banded together for this cause. It was also awesome to see leadership back it up and be so involved.
—Vonage Employee


The reaction to Summer Camp was extraordinarily positive. Each team had a memorable time participating in the different activities throughout the event, and knowing that they were helping to support an organization that assisted our local community made it even more meaningful.


We are grateful to TechBridge for facilitating our partnership with the Atlanta Children’s Shelter to make an impact in our community, and we look forward to continuing to work with the ACS through ongoing volunteer efforts.