Create Your Dreams

Create Your Dreams logo 2Create Your Dreams (CYD) embraces a unique, long-term, personal approach to support the success of children living in poverty. Groups of 10-12 children enter CYD in the third grade and stay in the program until they graduate high school. The children benefit from the support and encouragement that is missing at home or within their communities.

This crucial mission is supported by a small staff and a multitude of volunteers and donors of both in-kind and financial contributions. Keeping track of the children’s progress as they go through the CYD program, as well as tracking volunteer engagement and utilization of donated resources, had become a major frustration.

Through the TechBridge® Adopt-a-Nonprofit® program, CYD was “adopted” by Dimensional Thinking who provided financial support and guidance as CYD worked with TechBridge to consolidate its disparate data into a custom application, designed by TechBridge for nonprofits and built on the donated Salesforce platform. Having all of this data in one place has given CYD the ability to tell its story of long-term impact and quickly produce reports for funders.


I would recommend TechBridge because they were a joy to work with. It was therapeutic to look at our program – taking it apart piece by piece – and looking at how we track, what we track, and why we track. That’s a really important process that I think a lot of nonprofits don’t take the time to do, but it’s imperative to your impact and ultimate success.

Kim Dennis
Executive Director
Create Your Dreams