TechBridge Selected for National Digital Inclusion Fellowship Program

ATLANTA, GA — Today, TechBridge announced that it has been selected as a participant for the first-ever Digital Inclusion Fellowship. As one of three organizations chosen in the city of Atlanta to participate in the fellowship, TechBridge has demonstrated that it has the expertise, skill and commitment to take on the challenge of narrowing the digital divide in the Atlanta community.

The web can open doors for people by providing access to jobs, education, social services and more. Yet, more than 60 million people across the United States aren’t connected to the Internet. More than a third of don’t see the Internet as relevant to their lives, while another third find the web difficult to use. To bring everyone online, it’s important to demonstrate the value of the Internet and teach the skills needed to use it effectively.

Through the Digital Inclusion Fellowship, we’ll collaborate with Google Fiber and the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) to create programs that will bring us a step closer to bridging the digital divide in Atlanta community. We’ll select a qualified Digital Inclusion fellow who will embed within our organization for one year, collaborating with other community organization to deliver effective building a new digital literacy and awareness programs.

“TechBridge is committed to using the power of technology to move more people out of poverty,” said James Franklin, CEO of TechBridge. “Through the this collaborative fellowship, we will be able to help more families in need take advantage of the most transforming technology: The Internet. This partnership will allow us to develop the programs needed to get more people access and teach them how to use the online services from which they can benefit. Whether it is participating in your child’s education, searching for a job or gaining new skills, such services can create a new future for struggling families.”

TechBridge is uniquely situated to help address the digital divide. We plan to…

  • Our Digital Inclusion Fellow will train partner nonprofits in the services and practices necessary to execute successful programs:
    • Train organizations on how to target to households with the best social return
    • Train organizations on how to most effectively deliver services
    • Train organization on how to gather and report on outcomes.
  • With TechBridge’s experience with enabling nonprofits to deliver education for low income households, we will provide the resources necessary for Atlanta based nonprofits to establish or expand their Digital Literacy programs.
  • TechBridge’s project will foster sustainability of Atlanta’s Digital Inclusion programs by providing local nonprofits with the means to effectively deliver services and track outcomes.

“We’re looking for emerging local leaders who are passionate about helping people in their community,” said Andrew Bentley, Google Fiber’s Digital Inclusion Program Manager. “Through the Digital Inclusion Fellowship, these leaders will have the chance to work with organizations that are committed to getting more people online. We’re excited about the projects that TechBridge and their fellow will lead, and the impact they’ll have on closing the digital divide in Atlanta.”

Anyone interested in becoming a fellow should apply by June 10, 2015 through the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) at



About TechBridge
Founded in 2000, TechBridge is a nonprofit that provides other nonprofits with the tools, resources and relationships they need to apply business strategies and technology to further their missions. This is made possible by support from the TechBridge network of corporations, individuals and foundations. The TechBridge Adopt-a-Nonprofit® program and the Technology Innovation Award, given by Accenture, provide nonprofits with funding vehicles for their technology needs while TechBridge’s fundraising efforts, including the Digital Event Series, unite the technology community to celebrate the impact technology can have in strengthening our community.


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