Get Involved

As our name implies, TechBridge® bridges the gap between the resources of the for-profit community and the technology needs of the nonprofit community. TechBridge provides an easy and meaningful way for corporations, foundations, and individuals to engage with nonprofits, bringing subsidized project management, donated technologies and skilled volunteers to transform our community.

Get Your Company Involved:

  • Adopt-a-Nonprofit Program – Support a key IT project for a nonprofit you select by “adopting” the nonprofit—allowing your organization to contribute skilled volunteers as well as funding and donated IT services for the project.
  • Sponsor a TechBridge Event – Get your company, organization, association, and/or group to support the Digital Event Series, currently featured in Alabama and Georgia.
  • Recycling Program – Recycle your outdated wireless devices or technology through TechBridge and we’ll receive the proceeds from your donation.
  • Technology Community Habitat House – Join other corporate sponsors to continue the annual tradition of building a new home in partnership with a qualified, working Atlanta family.

Get Your Foundation Involved:

  • Partner with TechBridge through Technology Grants – Empower the nonprofits you serve with the technology infrastructure they need to support their mission. We’ve joined forces with foundations like the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta and the Alabama Power Foundation to add a technology aspect to their grant programs.

Get Involved as an Individual: