Adopt a Project buttonNonprofits do the heavy lifting to improve our community at a grassroots level. Imagine their impact if they could afford the same IT tools and resources enjoyed by the for-profit community. To bridge this gap, TechBridge® provides a full suite of technology products and services at subsidized rates.

Unfortunately, some nonprofits can’t even afford TechBridge’s reduced rates for their technology needs, so we developed the Adopt-a-Nonprofit® program to give sponsors an opportunity to directly impact the work of a nonprofit whose mission they support. TechBridge seeks out a sponsor to “adopt” a nonprofit and provide funding and skilled volunteers (optional) to complete a critical technology project.

Download an info sheet with program details here.

Our work with LeadingAge Georgia is a great way for our IT staff to give back to the community; we get to use our skills to directly impact people in a meaningful way.  Through TechBridge, we are enabling nonprofits to do more; we are making our community better.

Karen Painter
SVP – Enterprise Applications
Turner Broadcasting System

How to Adopt a Project

1) Visit the Adoption Catalog on our website.

2) Browse project profiles for in-depth details. Search nonprofit technology projects by mission, project type, location, and/or cost*.

3) To learn more about a specific project, click the “Adopt This Nonprofit” tab on the right side of the project page, complete the short form, and the TechBridge team will contact you to provide more info and answer any questions you have.

4) From there, we will work with you to determine next steps and the level of involvement your volunteers will have, if any.

5) TechBridge invoices your organization for the predetermined project cost*.

6) A project kick-off meeting is arranged with your team, the nonprofit and the TechBridge team to review the project delivery schedule and determine when volunteers can be used, if applicable.

7) As the project progresses, TechBridge provides you with updates on project status.

8) TechBridge provides a project review to the adopter once the project is completed.

* Total funding needed to complete a project via the Adopt-a-Nonprofit program includes a one-time, program administration fee of 10% of the project SOW with a minimum of $500.

Funding an Adoption
Adoption funding can come from various departments depending on how the sponsoring organization is set up. For example, the IT team may have a discretionary budget they can use, or HR may view the adoption as an employee development or morale boosting program, or the organization may have a philanthropic foundation which will support the adoption, etc.

When none of these options are available, TechBridge encourages adoption sponsors to come up with creative ways to gather the needed adoption funds while building lasting partnerships. Some smart ideas we’ve seen include:

Partnering with Another Company – A sponsor, new to the Atlanta technology market, wanted to get involved in supporting the community but had limited funds to invest. TechBridge matched them up with another sponsor who had some remaining funds from a previous adoption, and they were able to split the $3500 project cost.

Inviting a Client to Support the Adoption – Sometimes a potential sponsor doesn’t have funds to contribute, but they have staff who wants to volunteer. For example, a start-up software developer invited one of their Fortune 1000 clients to partner with them for an adoption. The larger company provided the $6,500 adoption cost and team members from both organizations volunteered their time and got to know each other better.

Engaging Employees and Vendors to Fundraise – One sponsor rallied their entire company to join in for some fun- and fund-raising to support their $15,000 adoption of a local shelter. The week-long, company-wide fundraiser included tons of food, engaging games and activities including an office bake sale, and team building competitions for their employees and partners. The sponsor hoped to raise $5,000 from the fundraising week, but it was so successful they raised $7500! Corporate matched the donations for the full $15,000 adoption. Read the story here.


It’s A Win for Sponsors (Adopters)

  • Delivers an outlet for IT skill-based volunteerism – use your valuable resources and IT skills to strengthen a nonprofit engaged in a cause you care about.
  • Provides employees from IT and other functional areas with skill-based volunteer opportunities to further their professional and personal development.
  • Enhances team morale and company culture by providing group volunteer activities (IT-related or others) improving employee retention and brand awareness.
  • Offers valuable networking opportunities with clients, prospects and partners – receive two invitations to each of three TechBridge sponsor appreciation receptions throughout the year.
  • Enables you to build your brand among TechBridge supporters while doing good works in the community – a smart investment of your marketing, sales and/or philanthropic budgets.

It’s A Win for Nonprofits (Adoptees)

  • Provides a grant to offset technology project costs
  • Utilizes skilled technology professionals who can assist with adopted project
  • Stabilizes and optimizes computing environment so focus is on mission and not technology
  • Builds a relationship with a community-minded corporate partner