SIM Golf Frequently Asked Questions

To see answers to some of our more frequently asked questions, see the topics below.

Technology Exchange & Networking

Can we have people that are not golfers at the Tech Exchange and Networking hour where we get to set up a booth? 
Yes.  We ask that there be no more than 2 additional people and if they want a box lunch, it is an extra $17 per person.

How big is the space in the Tech Exchange and Networking area?
We utilize various tables (some round, some rectangular).  You should plan on a small space, averaging about 2 ft x 4 ft.

Can we do a giveaway?
Yes – we invite any/all sponsors participating in the Tech Exchange to do a giveaway. Sponsors typically conduct their drawing privately in the afternoon and then announce the winner from the podium during the cocktail reception


If we have a foursome and get a chance to pick the IT exec we want to golf with, then does that mean we would only have 3 golfers from our company?
Yes, if you choose to host an executive then the executive would take up one of your four spots.  You can choose to fill the remaining three spots as you please – with company representatives or your own invited clients/executives.

How do I let you know which executive we would like?
We ask you to give us 3-4 options from the list of available executives if you’re seeking one executive or 5-6 options if you’re seeking two executives for your team.  We will send out an email in mid-late September once the IT Executive golfer list has been finalized asking for your preferences (we are still recruiting executives to play through September).  We do our best to give you one of the people selected on your list.  A 2nd executive golfer is provided only if there is availability.

A typical foursome may look like this:

Golf Cart #1

Golfer 1:  IT Executive from the list

Golfer 2:  Sponsor  Golfer

Golf Cart #2

Client or prospect from Sponsor (sometimes a golfer from the list) 

Golfer 4: Sponsor Golfer.

How are executives assigned?
About a week or two before the tournament, foursomes will be assigned.  Executive requests are prioritized and honored based on the sponsor’s history with the tournament, and then based on sponsor level then invoice date.

What happens if our assigned executive has to cancel last minute?
Most executives are good at finding an appropriate replacement from their company.  If they are not able to, we will try our best to match you up with another executive on your list.  However, we cannot guarantee a slot can be filled if the cancellation is received 72 hours or less before the tournament.


What type of tournament is it?
Shotgun scramble, bogey max

If we are a sponsor, can we have someone from our company sitting at a hole the entire time?
Yes.  You can have someone at the hole the entire time and many of the sponsors do this.  We recommend you bring a tent, chairs, table, etc. and if you would like to do a giveaway in the evening, this is a good place to have the fishbowl.  We will arrange for use of a golf cart to transport any equipment/supplies to/from your sponsored hole but cannot give you exclusive use of a cart for the entire duration.

If we fund two sponsorships (for example, a hole and driving contest), do we get to pick 2 executives?
Yes. If you do 2 sponsorships, you get to pick a minimum of 2 IT executives to play with.

When will I know what hole our company is on?
We try to finalize this just a few days before the event.

If I sponsor the putting contest, what do I need to do to prepare?
You will need to bring a tape measure or two, and a whiteboard/markers.  Someone will need to measure how far away from the hole the putts are, and then the lowest team number will be displayed on the whiteboard.

If I’m not playing but will be stationed at a hole, can I get a golf cart?
We will have a small dedicated number of golf carts to bring people to and from their hole, but the golf cart will not be for your sole usage.  If you would like an individual golf cart, you will need to let us know a week in advance and the cost is $75.

Will we receive a list of attendees/contact information?
You will receive a program which will list out the Executive name/company and also sponsoring company names.  We do not distribute contact information, which is why it is highly encouraged to do some type of fishbowl giveaway to collect this information.

What do you need from our sponsoring company for the program?
A high resolution logo (min 300 dpi .eps format) and 25 word description about your company. We will append your company’s web address after the description so no need to include it in your 25 word limit.

What information do you need from our golfers?
Shirt size and handicap.

Can we buy mulligans and is there a limit?
Yes, they will be for sale for $25 in the lobby when you arrive at the country club.  Each person is allowed to buy two mulligans.

If we sponsor a foursome, is it possible to split up our foursome?
Yes, if requested, we will try to split your team up to get you maximum visibility.  However, we are not able to accommodate this 100% of the time.

If we sponsor an opportunity that only comes with 2 golfer spots, how does that work?
We will pair up your twosome with another twosome to complete the foursome.

What happens if I need to withdraw my sponsorship from the tournament?
Due to the fundraising nature of the event, we ask that any sponsor who withdraws within two weeks of the tournament cover any costs that have been incurred on their behalf.

Silent Auction/Raffle

Can I donate something to the raffle or silent auction?
Yes, please contact TechBridge at to donate an item.  All silent auction donors will be recognized in the program and at the auction table.

Can we do our own raffle prize giveaway?
Yes, you are welcome to collect business cards throughout the day and pull a winner to be announced at the reception.  It is up to each sponsor whether or not someone must be present to win the prize.

What will be at the silent auction?
We will send out a list a week before the tournament.