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TechBridge® has worked with the nonprofit community for over 16 years to implement technology solutions that enable organizations of all types to better serve their clients and communities.  During that time the tools available to nonprofits and the skills needed to implement those solutions have changed dramatically.

To address the expanded technologies available to nonprofits, TechBridge continues to evolve its process for engaging individual and corporate volunteers in technology projects that deliver sustainable impact on nonprofits.

We provide skill-based volunteer opportunities that are meaningful for our volunteers, impactful for the nonprofits we serve, and cost-effective for TechBridge to manage, including the following:


This program enables a company, foundation or individual to provide financial resources and volunteers (optional) to adopt a technology project for a nonprofit, whose cause you care about.  You get to see first-hand the impact technology can have on a nonprofit, while providing your staff with skill-based volunteer opportunities to work alongside the TechBridge team implementing the project and to further their professional development.  Click here for more details.

Fundraising Events

TechBridge engages individuals with sales and marketing experience to assist in promoting and executing its annual fundraising events, the Digital Event Series (Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL) and the Tee It Up For TechBridge Golf Tournament (Atlanta, GA).   Specific areas for involvement include raffle, silent auction and sponsorship committees, in addition to logistics support on the day of each event. For more information, email digitalevents@techbridge.org.

Opportunities at Partner Nonprofits

In addition, TechBridge is proud to offer volunteer opportunities with the following nonprofit partners:

Technology Partners at Atlanta Habitat for Humanity


Technology Partners help to deliver competent computer instruction and/or provide efficient technical support to Atlanta Habitat homeowners with the goal of “bridging the digital divide”. In 2008, Atlanta Habitat launched a technology program intended to ensure that each Atlanta Habitat homeowner owns a home computer. A crucial component of the program is teaching the homeowners how to use and maintain their computers.

Opportunities for volunteerism exist on the Instruction Committee, responsible for assisting with the delivery of classroom instruction to homeowners using the Habitat curriculum and class materials, and on the Technical Support Committee, responsible for evaluating and preparing computers before they are delivered to homeowners.

Atlanta Habitat is working with ASTD to coordinate technology volunteer efforts. For more details regarding the program, please contact Tim Schneller at tim@learnwithintent.com and identify yourself as a TechBridge volunteer.

Family Learning Workshops with Power My Learning (Formerly CFY)


Power My Learning (formerly CFY) partners with local middle schools to implement the Digital Learning Program. This is a comprehensive program where a home learning center is provided (free refurbished computer, loaded with engaging, educational software) to 6th grade students who attend a half-day workshop with their parent/guardian. During the workshop, families are shown how to set up the computer, use the educational software/games provided, discuss how parents can engage their children in learning at home, as well as provide information on how to use the internet and internet safety. At the end of each workshop, the families leave with their home learning center and a wealth of newfound knowledge.

Volunteers should be familiar with computers, computer concepts, and software functions, but do not need to have an in-depth knowledge of computers. The volunteer’s role is to be a proactive and enthusiastic supporter and to serve as the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of the lead teacher. Volunteers assist families that may fall behind or have questions. Twelve or more volunteers are needed per session to facilitate and personalize the family training. Volunteers sign up for a Saturday morning and/or afternoon session, each lasting approximately four hours.

If interested in this opportunity, please contact Courtney Montague at cmontague@cfy.org and identify yourself as a TechBridge volunteer.

Computer Coaching with OASIS


You can help adults over 50 keep up with today’s technology.  Make a difference in the lives of mature adults by volunteering as a Connections instructor or in a supporting role. A good working knowledge of the computer is important, but you don’t need to be an expert; your enthusiasm and patience are what matter most!  OASIS Connections is an evidence-based curriculum of computer courses supported by AT&T and designed specifically for mature adults. Classes are offered in many locations and cover a variety of topics including: basic computer skills, email, internet, online job search/resumes, word processing and spreadsheets, and social media.

All volunteer instructors will receive training from OASIS on how to work with people over the age of 50 to teach them computer and Internet skills. Instructors will also have the opportunity to become Certified Connections Instructors through the OASIS Institute, national headquarters of OASIS.

If interested in this opportunity, please contact Wendy Liverant at wliverant@oasisnet.org and identify yourself as a TechBridge volunteer.

Computer Coaching with BlueHair Technology Group


BlueHair Technology dedicated to educating older adults about the latest technology – when a senior understands and uses technology it increase their confidence and well-being and allows them to stay connected with family, friends and their passions.  Educational workshops are conducted at independent living facilities and senior centers around the metro Atlanta area.  The workshops cover basic functionality of all of the popular technology (Laptops, iPad, Android tablets, Smartphones, E-Readers) and applications that seniors want to use to stay alert, connected and knowledgeable (Email, Facebook, Skype/Facetime, Internet & Searching, Games, Photos, Texting, Shopping, etc.)

Volunteers need to be familiar with technology and understand how to use basic applications, but do not need to have an in-depth knowledge of all devices. The volunteer’s role is to be a proactive and helpful supporter and to assist the seniors that may fall behind or have questions.  Workshops are scheduled for 1 ½ hours.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity or would like to sign up to volunteer, please email Jane Ratliff at jratliff@bluehairtech.org and identify yourself as a TechBridge volunteer.