Literacy Action, Inc.

Literacy ActionReading, writing and arithmetic are the foundations of learning that we often take for granted. Every day the dedicated staff at Literacy Action, Inc. (LAI) sees the impact that learning these basic skills can have on the lives of their students.

Unfortunately, LAI was operating like one of their students: trying to function in an advancing world without the systems and technology to support their mission. TechBridge™ stepped in, and through its Adopt-a-Nonprofit™ program, Literacy Action was adopted by Turner Broadcasting System who now subsidizes their TechBridge managed services costs and provides skilled volunteers to assist with onsite issues on a regular basis. TechBridge also connected LAI with Bank of America, who adopted their implementation, to improve their data management process.

This streamlined data management system has saved the Development Director, Kristin Gray, an estimated 450 hours each year in keeping track of donors and grants and in pulling the associated reports. This translates into a 20% reduction in the cost of every dollar raised in year one alone.  Kristin stated, “Our staff now has more time to focus on our mission, and our donors are funding a more efficient and lean organization.”


A lot of organizations don’t have the capacity or the skillsets, or frankly the time, to deal with issues that are critical to meeting the needs of the organization such as information technology. One of the key values that TechBridge offers is it’s freed up time for our staff to use teaching adults how to read and write and do math instead of worrying about IT.

Austin Dickson
Executive Director
Literacy Action, Inc.