National Nonprofit Deepens Efforts in Tennessee

We are a nonprofit that uses technology-based systems to create more efficient processes for other nonprofits. Across the country, most nonprofits don’t have budgets that allocate funds for proper technology or infrastructure to help streamline operations. We are a nonprofit, too; we get it. But through our partnerships with national companies, we’re able to fundraise and partner with local tech communities to provide organizations, like those in Tennessee, with technology that optimizes efficiency at an affordable rate.

A nonprofit that helps other nonprofits is not something you hear about every day, but we have been serving thousands of nonprofits for more than 16 years now.


TechBridge CEO James Franklin Quote re. TechBridge's services to TN nonprofits Expansion


Currently, our Digital Event Series—a series of events that gathers local leaders to celebrate technology’s impact on growing the capacity of nonprofits—has been a huge success in Georgia and Alabama. We are looking forward to partnering with Tennessee’s community leaders to further build relationships and make connections that will help improve the nonprofit community, and in turn, Tennessee as a whole.

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