Open Hand

Open Hand LogoFor 25 years Open Hand has provided healthy meals and nutrition education to an ever growing number of people disabled by chronic disease. With the help of 14,000 volunteers annually, Open Hand prepares, packages, and delivers 4,500 meals a day, seven days a week, throughout 17 metro Atlanta counties.

Strapped for resources with the downturn in the economy, Open Hand realized it had to find better ways to manage its labor and production costs, or programs would have to be cut. Cbeyond, a long-time supporter of Open Hand, recognized its challenges. Through the Adopt-a-Nonprofit program, Cbeyond engaged TechBridge™ to analyze and map Open Hand’s current processes and recommend improvements across the entire organization.

Open Hand now has a clearer understanding of its processes and the requirements to achieve efficiencies. It can articulate needs to funders, inspiring them to underwrite the cost of essential technology improvements. Open Hand projects a savings of nearly $300,000 annually with the improvements in place. That means more healthy meals delivered to more of those in need in our community.


TechBridge understands nonprofit strengths, but they also understand the limitations, so the recommendations they come up with are very realistic. They’re helping nonprofits understand where they can realize more efficiency and where they can improve their communications, as well as where and how they can develop technology plans that will serve them for the next ten years.

Matt Pieper
Executive Director
Open Hand