Many nonprofits are challenged to keep their focus on mission-critical initiatives. To successfully execute and grow that mission however, they need to leverage the same business-critical technology solutions that support for-profit organizations. Unfortunately, they have to do this on a nonprofit budget.Get Funding button

For those nonprofits who can’t afford even TechBridge’s subsidized rates for their technology needs, we have developed the Adopt-a-Nonprofit® program to bridge that gap. After assessing a nonprofit’s current infrastructure and organizational goals, TechBridge® develops an IT strategy for the organization. We then identify and scope specific technology projects required to move them toward their defined goals. If a nonprofit cannot fund a much-needed project, TechBridge seeks out corporate partners, foundations, or individuals to “adopt” the nonprofit and provide funding and skilled volunteers, if desired, to complete the project.

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Thanks to the support of TechBridge, Turner and its committed IT staff, we have a stable infrastructure that we can now afford, helping us to efficiently provide quality services for Georgia’s seniors.

Walter Coffey
LeadingAge Georgia

It’s A Win for Nonprofits (Adoptees)

  • Provides a grant to offset technology project costs
  • Utilizes skilled technology professionals who can assist with adopted project
  • Stabilizes and optimizes computing environment so focus is on mission and not technology
  • Builds a relationship with a community-minded corporate partner



It’s A Win for Sponsors (Adopters)

  • Delivers an outlet for IT skill-based volunteerism – use your valuable resources and IT skills to strengthen a nonprofit engaged in a cause you care about.
  • Provides employees from IT and other functional areas with skill-based volunteer opportunities to further their professional and personal development.
  • Enhances team morale and company culture by providing group volunteer activities (IT-related or otherwise), improving employee retention and brand awareness.
  • Offers valuable networking opportunities with clients, prospects and partners – receive two invitations to each of three TechBridge sponsor appreciation receptions throughout the year.
  • Enables you to build your brand among TechBridge supporters while doing good works in the community – a smart investment of your marketing, sales and/or philanthropic budgets.


Thanks to sponsor participation in the Adopt-a-Nonprofit program, more nonprofits will have access to the IT support they need. That means more homeless individuals receive shelter, more troubled children get counseling, more residents in rural areas have healthcare, and more disadvantaged teens get access to educational opportunities. Together we can make a difference in our community.