Inventory Management Solution

Manage Your Inventory Online

The Inventory Management Solution (IMS) is an online application used to manage the inventory of hunger relief warehouses. It uses best practices from the for-profit world for on-demand inventory control while being tailored to fit the specific needs and nomenclature of humanitarian relief in the nonprofit world.


  • Receive goods, log into inventory, & issue receipts
  • Create “kits” from existing inventory
  • View real-time inventory levels
  • Simplify warehouse tasks with shipping and receiving workflows
  • Monitor daily shipping and receipt activities
  • Locate items with ease
  • Unpack the value of enterprise reporting
  • Know your impact with advanced reporting
  • Use Flex Fields to customize your workflow
  • Create tiered security access roles
  • Leverage master data management
  • Maintain a catalog for partners to shop
  • Integrate with Online Ordering


Inventory Management
The Inventory Management Module helps you to simplify and standardize the workflow to provide real-time visibility on your inventory.
Online Ordering
The Online Ordering Module let more humanitarian relief get delivered more quickly to those in need. It provides inventory visible to your agencies while enabling agencies to place or approve orders online easily.
Digital Hub
The Digital Hub Module enables data integration from Inventory Management Solution into your existing 3rd party systems by performing bulk upload and export of data. This internet compatible, web services framework enables you to unpack the value of the data you have in IMS to optimize workflow and effort.