Mobile App

We provide nonprofits with the tools and knowledge to embrace complete mobility so that they can thrive in a world where capturing information, collaborating on ideas, accepting donations, and serving clients anytime and anywhere is a reality.


Mobile App Development

We understand that mobile app development may not be the right direction for every nonprofit. To determine this, we provide a free readiness assessment to help nonprofits mitigate risk and figure out if investing time and money in this endeavor is the right choice. Once decided that a mobile app would be a great asset to your nonprofit, we will provide the tools, partnerships, technology and experience to make the project a success.


Mobile Training

More often than not, there are pre-existing mobile apps that nonprofits would only need awareness, setup and training on in order to successfully implement into their organization. Our five-step training program helps nonprofits identify mobile apps best suited for meeting their business needs. Nonprofit staff members attending our two-hour, in-person training will experience personalized assistance downloading, configuring and using best-in-business mobile apps as well as fun experimentation and learning with new technology. Examples of common mobile apps used in training are Microsoft Office mobile, Outlook, Lync, OneNote, and Salesforce1.


Mobile Strategy and Assessment

“Bring Your Own Device,” or BYOD,  is rapidly becoming the norm inside and outside of nonprofit offices. As the cost of smartphones, Macs and PCs continues to fall, the probability that employees are using a personal device for work continues to rise. When managed correctly, BYOD can reduce costs, increase productivity, and enable employees to complete their work anytime, anywhere. When managed incorrectly, BYOD can compromise the security of sensitive information and inhibit the ability of IT to provide help desk support. TechBridge provides a Mobile Strategy and Assessment to help nonprofits navigate the transition to BYOD and other mobile trends effectively.