SCM4 Hunger Platform

The SCM4Hunger™ is a cloud-based, supply chain management platform for high-volume food banks. It helps streamline management of food inventories and empowers your interactions with corporate donors for collecting food surplus or overflows and converting that inventory into goods available to local hunger agencies through online ordering.   SCM4Hunger offers the following modules:

Food Bank Warehouses

Our Inventory Management Solution (IMS) is an online application used to manage the inventory of hunger relief warehouses by leveraging best practices from the for-profit world for on-demand inventory control—while being tailored to fit the specific needs and nomenclature of humanitarian relief in the nonprofit world.

Virtual Aid Drives

Virtual Aid Drive® is an online fundraising tool. It enables nonprofits to conduct fundraising campaigns while allowing food banks to create virtual food drives for donors, corporations, and individuals who can digitally submit donations. Donations can be expressed in terms of dollar increments or dollar equivalents for resources needed, e.g. blankets, food, school supplies, etc. This tool offers nonprofits a simple and effective way to achieve online fundraising while simultaneously educating the donor on the additional buying power their cash donation can make.

Feeding America Food Banks

Our partners at The Feeding America Network move the majority of food for U.S. hunger relief across the country each year using the SCM4Hunger platform. As the U.S.’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity, Feeding America provides low-income individuals and families with the fuel to survive and even thrive. The solution we developed together includes customized online ordering, in-kind donations management, and online auction modules—called AgencyExpress™, DonorExpress™, and Choice™ respectively. Feeding America and its nationwide network of food banks can now receive products more quickly and more efficiently than ever before.