SCM4Hunger: Virtual Aid Drive

Virtual Aid Drive® is a fast, easy and fun way to conduct an online hunger relief campaign. It all works online, email and social media. This makes it easy to involve lots of people—whether they’re next door or around the world.


Food Bank Fundraising Campaigns

Use this online giving tool to process cash donations from your website. List typical items that you need and show the purchasing power that cash donations can truly make. For example, show that a $25 donation can actually purchase the retail equivalent of $225 of food. It works well to help educate donors on the power of giving cash so that you can purchase the precise items that are needed while eliminating the coordination for transportation of in-kind donations of actual food products donated by individuals. Plus, because it’s all online, you can easily tie it into an email fundraising campaign, saving money on printing and postage.


Corporate Giving Campaigns

Run a campaign across your company to benefit one or many relief organizations. Create inter- or intra-office competitions enabling each participant to donate to the charity of their choice, but aggregating those donations into group totals. The impact of your donations are seen immediately and corporate administrators can see the current results in real-time while boosting morale and helping worthy NGOs.

Benefits for NGOs

  • Collect donations in a fast, easy way
  • Ensure that most needed items can be purchased
  • Operate multiple drives with minimal resources
  • Reach more people, regardless of location
  • Reduce collection of unneeded items that take up valuable warehouse space
  • Chart progress with a goal thermometer


Benefits for Businesses

  • Build morale—all employees can participate, regardless of location
  • Eliminate bulky collection boxes
  • Run multi-office, multi-city campaigns
  • View real-time reporting to easily assess the progress of your drive


Benefits for People in Need

  • Ensure that nonprofits can purchase items most in demand
  • Increase number of people helped per donation
  • Free non-profit resources to run extra programs and activities for people in need
  • Raise donor awareness to the real needs
  • Get needed items to people faster—no waiting for donations to be transported

See how Care and Share, a food bank in Southern Colorado, is using our Virtual Aid Drive technology to maximize their mission impact on combatting hunger and food insecurity.