The Feeding America Network

Partnership Benefits

TechBridge partners with Feeding America and its Food Bank Network to create a secure, online shopping site for your agencies, list food inventories online, and provide the opportunity to view and order food from your food bank in a simple and efficient manner. In addition, food providers can also participate in donating food into the network in an efficient process and food banks can bid for these goods from the convenience of a smartphone.


AgencyExpress™ Online Ordering

  • Reduces the overall ordering cost and time
  • Reduces manual processes
  • Increases agency order-fill rates
  • Increases flow-through in the warehouse
  • Provides real-time access to available inventory so hunger-relief agencies can see what is in stock and improve variety
  • Reduces retail purchases for the agencies
  • Provides additional instant access to USDA commodities



DonorExpress™ empowers manufacturers to make their product donations available to Feeding America online. These manufacturers gain tax benefits and improve their bottom line when they donate their surplus goods through our online system. Many of the nation’s top food companies donate their excess products through this system and all of Feeding America’s more than 200 food banks have access to the donations.



Choice/Choice Mobile™

Choice™ is an online/mobile-enabled auction system through which each food bank is delegated a certain number of points. The points are based on factors such as the number of people they serve and their respective poverty level, with more points going to those with the greatest need. As the available food is posted online, each food bank can bid their points toward the foods they want, by way of a twice daily online auction.



Virtual Food Drives

The Virtual Food Drive is an online fundraising tool. It enables food banks to conduct virtual food drives in which donors, corporate or individual, can go online and submit cash donations as they put virtual food items in their shopping cart. This tool offers food banks a simple and effective way to do online fundraising while simultaneously educating the donor on the additional buying power their cash donation can make. It also helps reduce the amount of time spent with traditional physical food drives.