Security Basics

Technology security is essential for every organization, especially financial institutions and eve nonprofits. As unexpected as it may seem—we’re sure you’re thinking “who would go after a nonprofit?”—nonprofits are indeed susceptible to hacking and should beef up their systems accordingly. With nonprofits housing such information such as donor financial data, contact backgrounds, and other forms of sensitive data, it is imperative that we nonprofits follow suit and buckle down before we all fall victim to a hack attack.


You may not be able to do a complete security overhaul, but if your organization can at least have your basic bases covered it’ll make a world of difference.



Follow this quick checklist to make sure your nonprofit is ready to prevent security breaches.

Check physical security in your office

Check to make sure anti-virus software is being updated/keep licenses current

Verify you have an up-to-date firewall device

Check wireless security

Make sure guest wireless access is separate

Test data backups

Schedule audit from Department of Homeland Security

Implement new security policies – Acceptable Use Policy, Bring Your Own Device Policy

Train staff on secure passwords

Mark sure technology plan and budget include security needs


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