Technology Innovation Award

Thank you for applying for the 2017 Technology Innovation Award given by Accenture.

The application window has now closed.


If you have questions about your application, or would like to talk to TechBridge about it, please email


Congratulations to the winner of the 2016 Technology Innovation Award

Given by Accenture

and to the two finalists:


Technology has the power to improve the way the world works and lives. That’s why each year TechBridge® and Accenture partner to present the annual Technology Innovation Award to a deserving Georgia nonprofit with an innovative vision for using technology to:

  • Increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations;
  • Improve effectiveness in serving clients and key stakeholders; or
  • Grow fundraising, advocacy or volunteer efforts.

Click here to read “Innovation through the Eyes of the Nonprofit” by David McCoy, Gartner.

Each year the winning nonprofit gets to see its technology vision put into action! Specifically, the winner receives the following award, valued at over $30,000:

  • Up to $25,000 in TechBridge services
  • $5,000 cash grant for project implementation/startup operating costs
  • Thousands of dollars in software from Microsoft and/or*

Two finalists each receive the following award valued at over $2,500:

  • TechBridge technology assessment
  • $1,000 cash grant

Questions: email

Valuable PR Opportunities!

The winner and two finalists are also:

  • Profiled at TechBridge’s prestigious Digital Ball® where the award will be presented in front of Atlanta’s most influential technology and business leaders;
  • Highlighted in Digital Ball program and promotional materials; and
  • Each receive 2 tickets to attend the Digital Ball ($800 value)


The presenting sponsor, Accenture, is underwriting the TechBridge consulting services and cash grants.


Without the grant from TechBridge and Accenture, we would still be stuck in medieval times. You might as well pull out the stone and start chiseling away at tracking our information because that’s what it felt like we were doing. We wouldn’t be able to serve the homeless women and children that we do in the manner that we are now able to do. It’s amazing how that extra five minutes we can now spend with a guest holding her hand and listening to her story makes such an impact.

Ginny Nickles
Executive Director
Atlanta Day Shelter for Women & Children

2017 Technology Innovation Award Judging Panel
An esteemed panel of judges from both the nonprofit and for-profit business communities will assess the candidates.

  Bob Berry
Citizens Lanier Holdings
Greg Casagrande InComm TechBridge 2016 Technology Innovation Award Accenture Greg Casagrande
Host since 2015 | TIA Judge since 2015
Larry Clark TechBridge 2016 Technology Innovation Award Accenture Larry Clark
Host since 2007 | TIA Judge since 2006
Martin Davis Southern Company TechBridge 2016 Technology Innovation Award Accenture Martin Davis
Southern Company
Tom Hall Genuine Parts Co TechBridge 2016 Technology Innovation Award Accenture Tom Hall
VP & CIO, Automotive Parts Group
Genuine Parts Company
TIA Judge since 2015
Trey Keisler GE Power & Water TechBridge 2016 Technology Innovation Award Accenture Trey Keisler
CIO, Global Operations
GE Power Services

Host since 2015 | TIA Judge since 2015
George Lott Weather Channel TechBridge Atlanta Digital Event Series Host George Lott
The Weather Channel
  Todd Lukens
Global Payments
Lance Luther Accenture TechBridge 2016 Technology Innovation Award Accenture Lance Luther
Accenture Managing Director,  N. America Products Technology Lead
TIA Judge since 2013
  Gary S. May
Dean and Southern Company Chair, College of Engineering
Georgia Tech
Laura Miller, SVP, Global Solutions Delivery, IHG Laura Miller
SVP, Global Solutions Delivery
  Michael Noel
SVP, Inventory Product Solutions
Cox Automotive
Jikin Shah SunTrust Bank TechBridge 2016 Technology Innovation Award Accenture Jikin Shah
SVP – IT Executive, SunTrust Accelerator
SunTrust Bank, Inc.
TIA Judge since 2013
Julie Untener NCR TechBridge 2016 Technology Innovation Award Accenture Julie Untener
TIA Judge since 2014
Michelle Arlotta-Routh
Coca-Cola North America
TIA Judge since 2016

Project Ideas

Please review carefully the services offered by TechBridge to ensure your project falls within our areas of expertise. Ideas for potential projects include, but are not limited to:

1. Better tell your story. Track and report outcomes.
Do you need the ability to make better business decisions? What if you could report on all the individuals you serve and the services you provide at the click of a button? How could technology improve your ability to manage clients, donors, volunteers or the services and programs you provide? Do you need to streamline complicated, overly manual and/or time intensive processes?

2. Collaborate and share information. Improve stakeholder communication.
Can you easily find and securely share current documents with staff and other agencies? Do you have one place to share contacts? Can you see everyone’s schedule? Can you easily conduct surveys? Do you need a central, secured info hub for your staff and another for your board, and another for your volunteers and/or partners? Would you like to have a knowledge base or a home for FAQ’s to resolve customer or internal questions?

3. Expand your reach. Engage with funders and volunteers.
Do you need to extend your capabilities to the field to reach more people to do more good? Do you need a mobile-friendly version of your website to better engage with your funders and volunteers? Do you have an idea for an application that will improve the programs and services you provide to your clients or will help your staff work more efficiently?

If you are not sure if your project can be fulfilled through TechBridge services currently available, please contact to verify.


Verify that your organization meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • Is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (as defined by the Internal Revenue Service). The following organizations are not eligible: churches, or organizations whose primary mission is to promote a religion; private schools, colleges or universities; nonprofit hospitals or cooperative hospital service organizations; governmental agencies;
  • Has an annual operating budget in the current or most recent fiscal year larger than $50,000;
  • Demonstrates fiscal responsibility, the appropriate use of funds and accounting standards; and
  • Follows EEOC guidelines and provides equal employment opportunity to all persons regardless of age, color, national origin, physical or mental disability, race, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, status as a disabled veteran or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.


  • I applied for the award last year – can I apply again this year? Yes, we encourage you to re-apply. We do suggest that you apply for a different project or reconsider the scope and proposed impact if you re-apply based on the same project.
  • We are a nonprofit headquartered in Georgia but have affiliates nationally who will use our proposed solution – are we eligible to apply? Yes, as long as you are based in Georgia and the technology project will benefit a Georgia-based nonprofit, we welcome your application and encourage you to share in your application details regarding the potential national impact of your proposed project.
  • We’re a nonprofit school – are we eligible to apply? This exclusion applies primarily to private nonprofit schools. The intent of excluding private schools from the pool of applicants is simply so that institutions with a fee-based model, who can afford to use the private sector for their technology needs, do so – leaving TechBridge (and its subsidized rates for services) to assist nonprofits who cannot afford to go elsewhere. At TechBridge’s discretion, we can and have done work with private schools, who provide access to education in under-served areas and for children who would otherwise not have access. The key question for us is if the organization would be deemed by our sponsors to have a need which they cannot afford to remedy by paying a for-profit company. To clarify and confirm your specific eligibility, please email
  • We are a 501(c)(3) that serves the less fortunate in our community and are staffed by a combination of members from a local church as well as volunteers from our community – are we eligible to apply? The TechBridge charter precludes us from delivering services to a religious organization whose mission is to raise funds to support its religious activities. Typically these organizations (churches, synagogues) are not categorized as 501(c)(3) nonprofits. TechBridge does work with faith-based organizations who provide services for societal impact such as Lutheran Towers Retirement Home, Jewish Family & Career Services, etc. To clarify and confirm your specific eligibility, please email
  • Our budget is less than $50,000 – are we eligible to apply? The guideline of $50k in operating budget was established to ensure the nonprofit applicant has sufficient staff and bandwidth to participate in the technology project which clearly will require significant time from staff/volunteer/board members to be successful. If you feel your organization can meet this requirement but has an operating budget of less than $50k, please email and we will consider granting an exception.
  • If we’re not eligible for this award, does TechBridge provide other grants we can apply for? TechBridge does have other grant avenues depending on the reason for your not meeting eligibility requirements. TechBridge typically does not deliver any services to private schools, hospitals, churches or other religious organizations. If you meet all other requirements, TechBridge does offer matching grant opportunities through the TechBridge Adopt-a-Nonprofit Program.


  • I submitted my online application form but didn’t get a confirmation – did you receive it? If you did not receive a confirmation email, please first check your spam/junk folder for an email from If no confirmation is there, please email us at and we can verify receipt.
  • I submitted my application but now realize I omitted important information – how do I edit it? You may resubmit your application in its entirety prior to the deadline and we will put forward the application with the latest submission date/time for judging consideration.
  • I completed my application in Word – who can I email it to? You must submit your application online here. If you have any issues using the online form, simply email
  • We’d like to supplement our application with our brochure – how can I send that to you? To ensure we are equitable to all applicants we base judging decisions solely on the content of the online application form and do not accept additional documents as part of the application.
  • Regarding the nominator contact information, must this person be outside of the nominee’s organization? No, having a nominator is optional and that individual may be a paid staff member or an individual from outside of your organization.
  • What specifically will you require from our organization by way of financial documentation to show that we practice financial responsibility? We require all applicants to verify that they demonstrate fiscal responsibility, the appropriate use of funds and accounting standards. While we do not require documentation to substantiate this claim, relevant proof of sound financial practices could include:
    • Maintaining a complete and accurate set of accounting records;
    • Making available upon request audited financial statements;
    • Having a treasurer/finance committee at the board level involved in reviewing financial results;
    • Completing all IRS filings, including Form 990; and/or
    • Producing a public annual financial report which discloses the source and use of funds received.
  • I received feedback on my application form, but I don’t have time to revise my application – will our project still be considered? Yes, you are not required to revise your application if you receive suggested feedback. We will simply submit your original application for judging considering.
  • How will I know if we’re a finalist? You will be notified by phone call to the main contact listed on your application at the end of March if you are a finalist. The three finalists will be posted on the TechBridge website at the end of March and an email announcement sent to all applicants.
  • If I’m not selected as a finalist, can I get feedback on how we might be able to improve our application? During the judging process you may receive feedback, based on a QA review completed by volunteers from TechBridge’s corporate partners. Further judging is completed by a quantitative analysis based on the predefined categories and allotted points – we do not share those point totals with applicants. However, after the winning nonprofit is announced in May, we would be glad to meet with any nonprofit applicant to discuss their proposed technology project and potential avenues for alternate funding.


  • Can we customize the award if we don’t need the consulting, just the software and cash grant? The award components for the winning nonprofit ($25k in TechBridge consulting services, $5k cash grant to offset project costs and thousands in donated software as needed) are not subject to change and the wining nonprofit will be one that makes the most of all three components. A nonprofit that is proposing a project that only leverages the cash and/or software is unlikely to progress to the final award stages.



  • When will the application be available? The application opens annually in early December and will remain available until the stated deadline.
  • Can I get an extension on the application deadline? No, to be equitable to all applicants and to meet our timeline for the judging process all applications must be submitted online by the stated deadline.


*TechBridge will assist in securing software as needed to enable the proposed technology project. The number of licenses donated to the winning nonprofit may be limited by the donor company.

The Microsoft software is being provided by Microsoft Corporation. You will receive this software by virtue of being a TechBridge client, assuming your winning project requires the implementation of Microsoft software. The software delivery is administered by TechSoup. Available software includes Windows and Office products – click here to see the list of all available software and eligibility to receive the software under the Microsoft Software Donation Program. Microsoft is solely responsible for final decisions regarding software awards. Microsoft reserves the right to approve or deny software requests.