Technology Assessment & Strategy

A detailed technology assessment is critical for understanding where your organization is now, what its goals are, and how you can best leverage technology to reach these goals. Funders want to see that technology projects are the result of a strategic plan. Board members need evidence that a capital investment in technology will add value to your nonprofit’s mission impact.

TechBridge® walks nonprofits through the technology planning process, from creating a vision of how technology could be most effective in the organization, to assessing and prioritizing its needs, and generating recommendations that can be shared with the nonprofit’s board, staff and potential funders. Once expenditures have been approved, TechBridge can also provide acquisition advice and access to discounts and, ultimately, implement the needed hardware/software solution.

TechBridge has allowed us to look at what our needs are a little bit differently than we were looking at them in the past, in a more global and far reaching view, and then showing us ways that we can get from where we are to where we need to be in a series of steps.
Peter Armstrong
Chief Financial Officer
Refugee Resettlement and Integration Services of Atlanta (RRISA)

TechBridge’s Technology Assessment Process

Step 1 – Discovery

  • Complete an online survey about your infrastructure
  • Participate in a phone interview about your challenges

Step 2 – Analysis

  • Review your infrastructure and your operational concerns
  • TechBridge drafts a detailed Roadmap based on our 16+ years of nonprofit knowledge—pairing best practices with your unique needs

Step 3 – Recommendations

  • TechBridge presents findings and detailed recommendations for technology improvements

Step 4 – Final Deliverable

  • A PowerPoint presentation that can be shared with Board and Staff

Step 5 – Develop Strategic Plan

  • Choose to use the information gathered to set your technology course internally, or you can work with TechBridge to develop a transformative Strategic Technology Plan.
  • The Strategic Technology Plan from TechBridge will address the following:
    • How to close the gaps between business needs and support
    • The best sources of needed capabilities
    • How your technology infrastructure will look in the future
    • Alignment of your technology and business objectives
    • How to best achieve the desired results for your technology