Social Media Marketing 101 for Nonprofits


  • 4-1-1 Rule: 4 pieces of curated content, 1 reshare/retweet of a fellow nonprofit, sponsor, support/advocate, 1 self-serving post.
  • 3-Part Strategy
    • 1/3 Appreciation – recognize donors, supporters, volunteers, and employees
    • 1/3 Advocacy – engage and share with the content of others
    • 1/3 Appeals – solicit donations or help



  • Highlight your supporters with a volunteer/donor/sponsor of the week.
  • Connect with fellow nonprofits and companies who support your mission.
  • Showcase your behind-the-scenes content. Throwing an event? Show your audience some sneak peaks of what’s to come.
  • Post thank you messages on sponsor or partner social pages.
  • Double your engagement metrics by using images in your social posts.
  • Add a marketing expert to your board.
  • Schedule 15-minute drive-bys of your social accounts and another 15 minutes for educational articles, trends, news, etc.
  • Converse with everyone that gives your nonprofit a response.