Southwest Georgia Area Health Education Center

SOWEGA-AHECConnecting students to health careers, health professionals to communities, and ultimately, communities to better health is the mission of Southwest Georgia Area Health Education Center (SOWEGA-AHEC).  AHECs work with students in middle school through college and into healthcare careers so they can have as much as 15 years of student data. In the past, this data was kept on paper and in an old Access database. After winning the Technology Innovation Award in 2011, SOWEGA-AHEC worked with TechBridge® to create a database to better track the long term impact they are having in engaging students in healthcare careers.

“All of a sudden we realized how successful we were because information was no longer in a silo. We discovered that a student we had worked with in middle school and high school is now back practicing in our region as a physician, nurse practitioner, or PA, but we never knew that before. We knew these bits and pieces of information, but suddenly there was connectivity,” said Pam Reynolds, Executive Director.

Thanks to concrete information and demonstrated outcomes, SOWEGA-AHEC has also found it easier to recruit potential donors and partners. Five other AHECs in Georgia have now leveraged this same solution and together they are building a stronger healthcare network.


I have high hopes this is going to go far beyond just Georgia. There are 240+ AHECs nationwide, and our goal is to help those nonprofits come on board and take advantage of the solution we built with TechBridge. It’s readily available, so we’re going to take it beyond the state and go national.

Pam Reynolds
Executive Director
Southwest Georgia Area Health Education Center