TechBridge DataBasics Terms and Conditions

The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions and any or all Agreements: “Client”, “You” and “Your” refers to the Organization using TechBridge DataBasics. “TechBridge”, “We” and “Us”, refers to TechBridge, Inc. These Terms and conditions are subject to the Master Client Agreement, which can be found at


TechBridge will work with Client to deliver TechBridge DataBasics; a hosted database solution architected on the platform. The TechBridge DataBasics solution powers greater operational efficiencies by enabling nonprofits to proactively manage and report on key business functions on demand.

This solution enables nonprofits to CONNECT, TRACK and REPORT on data in the following areas:

  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Leads
  • Donations
  • Grants
  • Sponsorships
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Events
  • Campaigns


TechBridge provides DataBasics for an initial setup fee and a monthly subscription fee as set forth in the table below.

Client shall pay the setup fee and the monthly subscription fees by major credit card only per the terms of the credit card processing gateway at First Data.  The initial set up fee shall be charged upon the start of this project. The monthly subscription fee shall be charged monthly in advance. The setup fee and the monthly fee payment are accepted by credit card only.  The monthly fee will be automatically billed to the credit card.

Monthly billing begins on the first of the month following initial setup completion. The month of the first monthly billing starts the one-year term.

Monthly payments will take place at the first of each month.

The following table delineates the pricing schedule:

Additional support usage beyond the time included in this agreement will be billable at the standard TechBridge support rate, currently $95 per hour. Client shall be responsible for any expenses arising from support requests, such as hardware or third party integration.  TECHBRIDGE shall invoice Client for any additional support or expenses and Client will pay TechBridge in accordance with Section 2 of the Master Customer Agreement.

Item Amount
Setup Fee

A one-time set up fee is required. This setup fee provides you with:

  • Assistance and guidance in establishing your Salesforce account through the Salesforce Foundation.
  • Setup, customization and testing of your purchased solution by TechBridge.
  • Basic customization is part of the delivery of this solution. You provide the customization inputs by responding to an onboarding questionnaire following your purchase. [See, “Customization and Support Hours” below]*

Handover to you and your organization.

Monthly Subscription Price (Year 1)

This subscription provides you with:

  • Subscription use of TechBridge DataBasics
  • A total of 20 hours for the first year to use for support or product customization. [See, “Customization and Support Hours” below]*
  • Access to participate in the TechBridge DataBasics users’ group.
  • Share ideas and provide feedback to help drive future enhancements, which can be applied using your support hours.
  • Access to apply to TechBridge’s Nonprofit Exchange program for project fundraising. 

Access to other discount programs as a client of TechBridge.

$199 / month
Monthly Subscription Price (Year 2+)

Following the first year, the monthly subscription fee is reduced.  The features of TechBridge DataBasics remain in effect as described for the first year, except that professional services hours are accrued as stated below.  [See, “Customization and Support Hours” below]**

$149 / month


*Set-up and Year 1.  The project includes 20 hours of customization and support, to be allocated by agreement of the parties between the initial set up and ongoing support during the first year of the term.  These hours may not be carried over beyond the first year.

For example, hours can be used to have the solution branded with your logo, and certain database fields can be customized to fit the organization. Client provides the customization inputs by responding to a survey following purchase of Salesforce licenses.  If Client decides to use 12 hours for customizations, that would leave 8 hours available for support during the first year.

**Year 2 and beyond.  None of the initial 20 hours are available for carry-over into subsequent years.  With each monthly subscription fee payment during this period, Customer will accrue one hour of customization/support services.  Hours expire if not used within twelve months after they are earned.

Additional hours.   If Customer requires enhancements, customization or support beyond the allotted professional services hours, the parties will agree in writing to the terms for such services.


Upon acceptance of these Terms and Conditions this agreement will remain in effect unless terminated in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time upon thirty (30) days prior written notice to the other party.  In addition, TechBridge reserves the right to withhold the Services (defined below) if Client has failed to pay any undisputed sums when due or is otherwise in material default or breach of this agreement.  During such cessation of the Services, TechBridge shall be relieved of its performance obligations contained herein during the continuation of such default. Upon termination of this agreement, all provisions of this agreement which may reasonably be interpreted or construed as surviving termination shall continue and survive in full force and effect.  Upon any termination of this agreement, all fees and payments due to TechBridge as of the effective date of termination, including all accrued and unpaid fees and reimbursable expenses, shall be paid to TechBridge within ten (10) days after delivery to Client of an itemized statement of such fees and payments.


    • will be the application platform of choice, and is considered a Third Party Product for purposes of the Agreement.
    • Client will be approved by Salesforce Foundation for a 10 license grant.
    • Client is responsible for procuring all necessary additional user licenses from Salesforce. (Available at a nonprofit discount from the Salesforce Foundation, currently $360 per user per year – subject to change)
    • Client use of is subject to its agreement with, which, unless varied by Client and can be found at:
    • Client shall assign one of its Salesforce user licenses to TechBridge for use solely in supporting Client during this engagement.
    • houses the servers used to host TechBridge DataBasics. Additional information can be found at this link:
    • TechBridge is not responsible for the functionality of product provided by or for any service levels for the operation of the platform.
  • Training
    • Training will be provided in the form of web-based sessions, online tutorials provided by and system documentation.
    • Training will be conducted via the “Train the Trainer” method.
    • Training will not cover the full capabilities of Salesforce or the platform, but rather only the functionality relevant to the delivered application.
  • Limits on Engagement
    • Given the limited nature of this engagement, TechBridge will focus on how to leverage the existing functionality quickly to meet Client needs. A redesign of Client business process is not included in the project.
    • If Client requires system enhancements beyond the scope of this engagement, TechBridge will provide cost estimates based on the number of required hours at the current TechBridge standard rate.  Any such enhancements will be performed under a separate written agreement.
    • TechBridge will not provide any hardware for the project.
  • Intellectual Property Rights
    • Client controls access to its data loaded onto the platform, and this Agreement does not give TechBridge any rights in or to Client data.  To the extent TechBridge has access to any Client data in connection with its provision of services, TechBridge will consider such data as Confidential Information of Client.
    • Consistent with the terms of the Agreement, TechBridge owns Intellectual Property Rights in TechBridge DataBasics and to TechBridge Items provided hereunder.
    • TechBridge hereby grants Client a license to use the TechBridge DataBasics as customized hereunder, on the platform during the term of this engagement.
    • Client hereby grants TechBridge a limited license, during the term, to use the Client Provided Items solely for the purposes of providing the Professional Services.
    • Terms and conditions for using can be found at this site:


  • Client will provide all users with Internet access to
  • Client will assign a project champion/sponsor with approval authority for making decisions; typically within 24-48 hours. This same person can also serve as the client-side project manager.
  • Client project manager, key users, and subject matter experts will be available to meet for scheduled project meetings.
  • Client will use reasonable efforts to track and provide TechBridge with metrics to identify the impact of this project.  TechBridge can suggest some metrics for consideration.  In addition, Client agrees to participate in a short case study that TechBridge can use for marketing purposes for encouraging similar technology investments.
  • Client shall ensure all users complete recommended and TechBridge training.