The Sullivan Center

Sullivan Center

Their Mission

The mission of the Sullivan Center is simple: to help people facing a stability crisis to remain self-sufficient. Nearly 30 years ago, Sister Marie Sullivan had a vision of helping people through both education and financial assistance to keep them from becoming homeless. Following Sister Marie’s unique blend of deep compassion and hard-headed practicality, The Sullivan Center has continued to assist those in need by giving them a hand up, not a hand out.


Their Challenge

One of The Sullivan Center’s sister agencies, Midtown Assistance Center, had already worked with TechBridge™ to design and implement a database that enabled them to better manage their client and case data. Having viewed that database, The Sullivan Center realized that 80% of the functionality they needed already existed in that tool.

The project costs to implement and tailor that tool for The Sullivan Center were significantly discounted thanks to: TechBridge’s subsidized consulting rates; deep discounts negotiated with technology partners; IT-skilled volunteers; a solution leveraging; and TechBridge’s jump-start templates which accelerate the requirements process.

Even though The Sullivan Center knew they needed this tool immediately, they were lacking sufficient resources in their current budget to fund a new database. Instead of putting it off for another year, they applied for a matching grant through TechBridge’s Adopt-a-Nonprofit program – a unique opportunity for companies to provide financial support and volunteers to impact a cause they care about. Cbeyond and Cognizant stepped forward to ‘adopt’ The Sullivan Center and provided them with a matching grant to complete the project.

The City of Atlanta monitors us, as well as other funders, and in the past years we have not scored as high as we needed to due to the quality of our data. This year our monitor came in, expecting to see what she’d seen in the past, and I was able to demonstrate this database. She was floored. She absolutely loved what she saw! Out of 140 agencies they invited 10 agencies to apply for additional funding. I honestly believe that it was due to that database and what she saw that we will now be eligible for additional funding.

Patrick O’Kane
Former Executive Director
The Sullivan Center

Their Results

“Moving to a centralized database enabled us to build deeper relationships with our clients, track their long-term outcomes, and provide them with the services they need in a fraction of the time. But efficiencies aside, the bottom line is that it enables us to serve our clients with more dignity. That’s what our clients will remember at the end of the day.”

Patrick continued, “It’s important for corporations like Cbeyond and Cognizant to invest in projects like this that become to us at The Sullivan Center a gift in-kind. We needed a database but we did not know where to turn. Without this gift from Cbeyond and Cognizant to TechBridge and then from TechBridge to us, I think we’d still be like the 1800’s working off of paper. Instead, now we are in the new millennium and we are right up there with any Fortune 500 company.”