There are so many reasons why residents are proud to call Alabama “home, sweet home.” It’s got beautiful mountains, sunny beaches, and that fabled Southern hospitality. It’s where George Washington Carver studied peanuts, Tuskegee Airmen trained to serve the country from the skies, and where Harper Lee wrote, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Alabama is the fourth poorest state in the U.S. More than than 19 percent of Alabamians live below the federal poverty line and the state’s food insecurity rate is at nearly 19 percent. With stats like these, it’s crucial that nonprofits alleviating poverty and hunger in Alabama succeed. Since 2015, TechBridge has provided nonprofits focused on these issues with technology that enables them to serve more people and do more good.



Every Woman Works

The organization helps women gain financial independence while recovering from alcohol or drug dependency or domestic violence, or while transitioning from the penal system. A Performance Measurement Assessment will aid the process. Total Amount Needed $6,000

Lutheran Services of Georgia

Finding, strengthening and creating homes for individuals and families in need in Georgia is the focus of Lutheran Services. A Performance Measurement Assessment will enhance collaboration with other relevant agencies and organizations. Total Amount Needed $6,000

Emmaus House

This ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta provides education, opportunity, assistance and advocacy in central Atlanta. A Performance Measurement Assessment will allow them to expand social support services to more neighbors in Peoplestown. Total Amount Needed $6,000

Events and Grants

Alabama Digital Event Series

The Alabama Digital Event Series brings together Alabama’s technology, business and nonprofit leaders to celebrate the impact technology can have in alleviating poverty in our communities.

Dream Big Technology Grant

Our Alabama Dream Big Technology Grant provides funds to Alabama nonprofits so they can meet their technology needs, allowing them to serve more people and do more good. Join us for the Awards Celebration on September 21.

Mission Birmingham Nonprofit Education Series Seminar

Join us September 7 for an insightful and free discussion led by TechBridge’s Karen Cramer and Bud Kitchin on the importance of data and technology to nonprofits today. Hear about nonprofits who have leveraged technology to sustain and become more efficient, to scale organizational growth, to better demonstrate their community impact. We will conclude with a discussion about the Journey to Transformation.

Alabama Partners

Leadership Board

Our community leaders come from a variety of backgrounds and provide valuable insight and expertise. Each member shares our mission to provide service and support so that nonprofit groups can operate effectively and sustainably to maximize impact for at-risk populations.

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