Alana Gordy Tames the Chaos

May 10, 2017
Alana Gordy

Today we’re spotlighting super-volunteer Alana Gordy — a woman who not only excels at taming the chaos but who thrives on it.

A skilled project manager at CNN, Alana spends her weekdays managing and motivating teams working on Android Mobile Applications — a position requiring organizing lots of moving parts. Alana makes it look easy.

As long as you work hard, you can do anything.

— Alana Gordy, project manager at CNN, Digital Ball Co-Chair

As the daughter of a single mom, Alana didn’t have a lot of advantages growing up, but she didn’t let that stop her. She credits strong female role models like her mom and grandmother with instilling the conviction that has become a guiding principle in her life: As long as you work hard, you can do anything.

Work hard? When it comes to Alana, that’s an understatement. In addition to working as a project manager and parenting her little girl, Alana also volunteers for us. Alana became involved with us in when she attended one of our events with a coworker. We’re especially thankful for Alana’s managerial prowess. This is her third year volunteering as co-chair of our Digital Ball, a position that requires orchestrating 60 event volunteers.

Lucky for us, the feeling is mutual: TechBridge is my heart, she says. Alana is committed to making a difference in her community and cares especially about women and children in poverty. She loves that we helps people in poverty through other nonprofits.

It’s important to Alana that her daughter grows up with the same can-do spirit that’s served her so well. And because she’s a female role model in Atlanta’s IT industry, Alana wants to pass that spirit on to other women in the STEM workforce. She pays it forward by serving on committees at Women in Technology (WIT) and helping to spread the word about WIT programs.

We are thankful to Alana for being such a great role model for women in STEM fields and for being a real force of nature when it comes to helping us make the Digital Ball happen. We can’t wait to see you on , Alana!

About Our #BetterTogether Campaign

TechBridge is proud to have assisted so many organizations on the front lines of social change in our communities — alleviating homelessness, fighting poverty, helping kids do better in school, making sure seniors get proper meals, and so much more.

We created the #BetterTogether campaign so that we can showcase some of the important efforts of the nonprofits and people we’ve worked with. And because social change is a community effort, we also wanted to showcase the generous sponsors, amazing technology partners, tireless volunteers, and TechBridge staff. Without them, we couldn’t do our work.

We feel that these stories exemplify the transformational work that can happen when organizations and individuals work hard — together — towards a common goal. We hope that hearing these stories is as inspirational to you as it is to us.

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