Future Foundation CEO Qaadirah Abdur-Rahim To Be Honored for Innovation and Collaboration

TechBridge has named Qaadirah Abdur-Rahim the 2018 recipient of its Bill Bolling Nonprofit Leader Award and will recognize her at the upcoming Digital Event in our series promoting the inventive applications of technology to help nonprofit organizations achieve more. Qaadirah is a perfect fit because the Nonprofit Leader Award celebrates individuals who exercise original thinking about societal problems and utilize technology to do more good for people with the better, faster, smarter solutions available today.

“Qaadirah is recognized for her authenticity, innovation, and effectiveness as a servant leader. Her collaborative approach as CEO of Future Foundation really unlocks purpose and ingenuity in those around her, resulting in higher performing fulfilled employees and more engaged volunteers,” says James Franklin, CEO of TechBridge.

The dynamic organization empowers youth (and their families) through education with life skills and supportive networks to help them take steps up and out of poverty. Utilizing a proven model to identify program participants and community partners, Future Foundation has achieved unprecedented community impact with its Theory of Change where its participants graduate from high school at a rate of 100%, –this statistic far exceeds the average graduation rate for these communities.

Future Foundation has grown in leaps and bounds under Qaadirah’s active stewardship. Once a two-person team serving a dozen students, Qaadirah strategically built Future Foundation to become a staff of 40 amazing people. She engaged more than 30 board members and raised $25+ million to service four locations that serve more than 11,000 students. Qaadirah is also undertaking a herculean effort to expand the organization’s work on a wider state level and national scale. Working with the guidance of organizations like The Annie E. Casey Foundation, TechBridge and others, Future Foundation is operationalizing its model to realize greater potential.