Dream Big Grant


What Is Dream Big?

The TechBridge Dream Big Grant is an exciting matching grant opportunity which encourages nonprofits to dream big about implementing a technology solution with the power to transform their operation in a way that increases their impact and ability to accomplish their mission. The Dream Big Grant significantly increases the capacity of nonprofits to positively impact the lives of vulnerable individuals, families, and children.

Why Is It Needed?

Nonprofits invest everything into accomplishing their missions, but many do not have remaining resources for investing in technology improvement for more efficient/effective mission delivery. TechBridge is aware of several large-scale technology nonprofit projects that are currently in need of funding due to lack of fiscal resources.

How Does It Work?

Nonprofits are invited to apply for TechBridge services to implement a transformative technology solution. In the Dream Big program, they complete an application explaining how a technology transformation could lead to increased efficiency (fewer dollars to deliver programs), increased reach (serving more individuals and families in need) or increase sustainability (stabilizing the organization to continue delivering services). Their submissions go through a review process before selections are made by judges.

Currently, the Dream Big Grant is offered in the states of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. To learn more about the opportunities in a particular community, click on the appropriate state.

If you have any questions please email award@techbridge.org.

Dream Big Recipients 2018