Latin American Association

Help immigrant families adapt, integrate and thrive by funding LAA’s project to better demonstrate its benefit to the Latino population. The project will allow the organization to secure more funding and collaborate with nonprofits. Total Amount Needed $10,000 Adopt Today View All Nonprofit Projects

Project Scope

Develop a best-practices model to demonstrate the impact Latin American Association (LAA) programs and services have on Latino immigrants.

LAA will with TechBridge’s Impact Group to develop a plan for LAA to demonstrate the impact of their programs and services in an empirical and compelling way. Being able to demonstrate the impact of LAA can attract more and bigger investments. LAA wants to serve as a best-practices model and provide programmatic technical assistance to other nonprofits serving Latinos. Demonstrating impact can also help LAA to attract attention from mainstream media and regional and national groups.

Project Solution

TechBridge’s Impact Group will facilitate the development of Latin American Association’s Theory of Change. We will develop logic models for all LAA services so that LAA can demonstrate how their clients are better off as a result of receiving LAA’s services. TechBridge will also provide consulting to LAA on how to utilize technology to view client data across program areas and demonstrate the collective impact of all LAA services.

About the Nonprofit

The Latin American Association serves Latinos in Georgia with several programs that seek to help Latinos adapt, integrate and thrive. These programs include Family Services and Emergency Assistance, Youth Programs, Employment Services, Adult Education and Language Programs, Immigration Legal Services, and the Policy and Advocacy Program.

“I know I want to get an education beyond high school,” she says. “This program made me realize the importance of education. …My dreams for college are more reachable (now).”
– Jennifer Zuniga