Nonprofit Embraces Salesforce and Impresses Grant Makers

Jan 27, 2020

Formerly swimming in spreadsheets, one Georgia nonprofit has not only reinvented its casework files but has become extra Salesforce-savvy in its grant and case management. Initially prompted by a new strategic plan that demanded Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (AVLF) illustrate more meaningful impact in the community, the nonprofit law firm utilized data to show its impact and tell a more compelling story. A technology roadmap allowed them to accurately track and report data focused on civil legal clients and volunteer attorneys. Currently, the transformational journey has generated so many operational benefits that it is now being captained daily by an in-house Salesforce administrator.

Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation

We helped install a custom, Salesforce-based CRM system. helps AVLF improve efficiency in its work process with the integration of client/volunteer data and provided significantly improved accuracy in their data management and reporting capabilities. Nonprofit legal organizations like the AVLF are critical to the social justice space and often work in tandem with other service providers.

While Salesforce now touches every aspect of our operations, its impact on our mission and service delivery that has been positively impacted the most. For example, moving many of our staff to satellite offices or to mobile advocacy roles has transformed our ability to reach more Atlantans in need, and that organizational transformation was made possible by our move to Salesforce and the integration of its mapping application to track our work geographically. Moreover, Salesforce’s agility and adaptability has inspired further innovation as staff have developed better Salesforce-based tools to help them more efficiently work with clients, open cases, process assistance requests, work with partners, and strengthen their advocacy overall.

— Michael Lucas, Deputy Director of AVLF

More than 70% of low-income households have experienced a civil legal problem in the past year. The rate is even higher for some: households with survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault (97%), parents or guardians of kids under 18 (80%), and disabled persons (80%). One in four low-income households has experienced six or more civil legal problems in the past year, including 67% of households with survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault.

Since implementing our solution, the AVLF is better able to track necessary information for its attorney and non-attorney volunteers, can easily update volunteer attorney assignments and case developments in real-time during its legal clinics. The technology solution has dramatically increased its efficiency in serving clients, including the ability to instantly view clients’ entire histories with AVLF. All of this combined enables the staff to give the highest level of customer service and to respond to clients’ specific needs in real time while improving its volunteer-to-client matches.

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