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TechBridge announces plans to reach more local nonprofits across the US

May 28, 2021

TechBridge is a nonprofit with a mission of eliminating generational poverty through the innovative use of technology. At the organization’s Digital Ball last week, CEO Nicole Armstrong announced plans to expand TechBridge’s reach in bringing innovative digital transformation across the country while keeping their commitment to local nonprofits.

In 2000, TechBridge was founded by a group of Atlanta technology professionals who recognized a problem: nonprofits were not adopting and implementing technology as quickly as for-profit businesses. In response, the group formed TechBridge, an organization that ushered nonprofits into the 21st century with up-to-date software and advising services to promote efficiency and grow impact. As the demand for this type of technology consulting grew outside state borders, TechBridge opened additional offices in Alabama and Tennessee in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

After a successful southeast expansion, the need for TechBridge deployment services across the country increased. TechBridge began a partnership with Feeding America and their network of food banks to improve the intake and inventory management of donated food using TechBridge’s hunger platform. TechBridge developed JusticeServer, a software solution developed on the Salesforce platform for pro bono attorneys and a case management solution for legal service organizations. JusticeServer is currently used in several states across the country. The success of these two national programs illustrates the far-reaching impact of technology adoption and implementation.

In the past few years, TechBridge introduced new programs including the Technology Career Program and the Dream Big Technology Grant for nonprofits. Coinciding with the formal announcement to expand nationally, TechBridge will combine their existing Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee boards into a singular national board, with new members to be appointed over the next months.

TechBridge works to eliminate generational poverty by focusing effort in four pillar areas: hunger relief, homeless support, social justice, and workforce development. By responding to the demand of national nonprofits needing technology guidance, TechBridge employees will engage with a diverse range of organizations working in each pillar. TechBridge will gather more data points on how to tackle complicated and systemic issues like hunger and homelessness while collaborating with a larger network of nonprofits across the country. As more information is gathered, TechBridge envisions a future where the pathway out of poverty is predictable and streamlined with proven programs.

Nicole Armstrong, TechBridge CEO, shared the national expansion announcement at the 2021 Digital Ball by stating:

“Over the past 21 years, TechBridge has enjoyed unprecedented success. What we know and what we’re seeing is a nationwide urgency around poverty that we cannot ignore. Our tech solutions are proven and scalable, and the demand for the kinds of digital transformation that TechBridge provides has increased. It’s exciting to think that we’ll be able to impact even more lives.”

Watch a video recording of the announcement.

TechBridge invites scholars, industry experts, IT professionals, and others to discuss innovation, technology, and critical topics in each pillar area at their upcoming Pillar Summits. The first summit will focus on Social Justice and will be held in September 2021.

TechBridge is open for business across the country and invites anyone interested to reach out and join in the effort and work of eliminating generational poverty. To get in touch with a TechBridge, contact a team member.

About TechBridge

TechBridge is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that equips other nonprofits on the frontline of alleviating the causes of generational poverty with technology. TechBridge supports these nonprofits in expanding the impact of their mission for the millions of men, women, and children who are seeking aid in the areas of hunger relief, homeless support, social justice, and workforce development.


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