Salesforce Nonprofit Case Management: Why Your Nonprofit Needs It Yesterday

Dec 21, 2021

At TechBridge, we use the Salesforce Nonprofit Case Management system to streamline our work to serve our clients and partners better. If your employees are getting bogged down in manual processes, cumbersome tracking, and disorganized systems, your nonprofit is wasting valuable resources that could be used to care for the people your organization exists to serve.

That may seem extreme, but it’s true. One of the best ways a nonprofit can serve its constituents is to invest in tools to save its employees time, stress, and effort. One of those tools should be a robust, automated, and organized Case Management System (CMS). When an organization does’t equip its employees with platforms, products, and services to increase their productivity and effectiveness, the reach and impact of that organization suffers.

But not every CMS is built the same. In fact, choosing a CMS that is an incorrect fit for your organization can create even more drawn out, ineffective, and frustrating processes than you had before. No one wants that.

Enter: Salesforce’s nonprofit services.

These products were created in collaboration with and specifically for nonprofits, which means that they were built for organizations like yours, who want to utilize the best technology tools to improve how they care for people. Streamlined intake processes, extensive tracking capabilities, and improved data collection are all outcomes of implementing a good CMS. This enhanced workflow ensures that you can care for more people using your services personally, easily, and completely.

Salesforce is known in the business sector for its robust, integration-friendly, and highly customizable platforms. Those perks aren’t reserved just for the for-profit sector. Because their nonprofit offerings were built with nonprofits in mind, their features are tailored to what matters most to nonprofits: serving people well.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the features of the Salesforce Nonprofit Case Management System as described on Salesforce’s website:

Client Intake & Referrals
In a time when the demand for services is higher than ever, streamline intake with pre-configured templates that differ by program or easily refer them to another organization.
Case Manager Home Page
Start your day off right by having a single page that shows your upcoming client meetings, tasks, or incidents that are in need of your immediate action.
Case Notes
Create a note from a pre-configured template that differs by program so you no longer have to remember the specific information you have to capture for each note. Save it as a draft to come back to later and tag notes with specific topics so they’re easier to find later on.
Recurring Services & Attendance Tracking
Save time and manual data entry when setting up recurring services for groups or individual participants and tracking attendance. Service schedules allow program staff to set up multiple offerings of the same service (e.g., a Monday & Wednesday Group and a Tuesday & Thursday Group).
Case Plans
With just a few clicks, you can create a personalized service plan. Select from commonly used goals and action items or create custom ones unique to your clients’ needs. Track and understand what progress has been made and what’s still outstanding.
Determine your client’s baseline status when they enter your program and visualize how their circumstances change over time by using assessments.

But wait – there’s more!

The Salesforce Nonprofit Case Management System is a part of the larger Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). With the ecosystem of nonprofit services that Salesforce offers, your organization can take the data that you have collected using their streamlined and automated CMS to draw conclusions that inform your organization’s strategic decisions.

The entire system works to grow and improve your impact as an organization. With your data neatly organized, you can gain a better understanding of the problems you’re solving, the people involved, and how best to tackle the issues affecting those who you serve.

The CMS is just the first step towards ensuring that every single one of your clients experiences personal, meaningful, and impactful service now and in the future, regardless of whether they’re one of the 50 or 50,000 that your organization is serving. As a nonprofit ourselves, we know how essential an intuitive, dynamic, and well-organized case management system is, which is why we are proud to both use Salesforce’s Nonprofit Case Management System and offer implementation services to other nonprofits.

For these reasons, we feel that this is the best case management software for nonprofits.

Case management is people management, and as nonprofits, we care about people. So wouldn’t we want to utilize the best tools in the industry to do what we do, but better?

(Hint: the answer is yes.)

If you’re ready to take the next step towards streamlining and growing your organization’s ability to care for people, complete our Operational Readiness Assessment.

Learn more about other Salesforce services we offer.

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