Tennessee has had several nicknames, but the one we like best is “The Volunteer State.” Tennesseans have big hearts and a volunteer spirit. According to 2013 data, one in three individuals over 16 has volunteered for at least one nonprofit organization in the Nashville metropolitan area alone. Tennessee has thousands of nonprofits working tirelessly to alleviate hunger and poverty, helping to make life better for the 18% of individuals in Tennessee who live below the poverty level, and the one in four kids who faces hunger every day.TechBridge arrived in Nashville in 2016. As TechBridge CEO James Franklin told the Nashville Post last year, “The commitment of the corporations and the community to alleviate the causes of poverty seems to be at an all-time high and we feel that we can assist them in their quest.” We are committed to helping Tennessee nonprofits serve more people and do more good through technology.



CNM’s Bridge to Excellence

May 11, 2017
Nonprofits are in the business of creating a better world. Social change is in our DNA. But in order to create that change, nonprofits must be able to fund programs and sell stories. It’s like chemistry: certain elements of strategy must be combined in order to create a formula for transformational progress. At this year’s Bridge to Excellence conference, we invite you to investigate these elements and take action to become a social change scientist. TechBridge will be leading a session about how your organization can leverage technology to be more insightful about the impact your work is having in your community.

Nashville Post – Techie Event

Join us May 18 at the 2017 Techie Event, hosted by Nashville Post. Middle Tennessee’s diverse technology sector- ranging from health care to music to retail- has been a driving force in the region’s recent successes. We’ll take stock of this thriving ecosystem full of bright ideas and bright people.

Tennessee Partners

Leadership Board

Our community leaders come from a variety of backgrounds and provide valuable insight and expertise. Each member shares our mission to provide service and support so that nonprofit groups can operate effectively and sustainably to maximize impact for at-risk populations.

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