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Collective Action is a method of changing our community so that every connected nonprofit is a building block in a person’s unique path out of poverty. By leveraging technology and data, TechBridge ensures that community members have access to the right help and the right resources at the right time.

Collaboratives are a key part of Collective Action. By bringing together cross-sector organizations focused on solving common community problems, TechBridge helps drive and support coordination within the collaborative. Collaboration improves efficiency of effort, increases positive outcomes, and foments lasting community change.

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The NYC Food Collaborative

The NYC Food Collaborative is funded by the Helmsley Trust and championed by United Way of NYC in collaboration with the New York State government, the New York City government, and key NYC emergency food assistance organizations.[1] 1.37 million New Yorkers were food insecure during , according to USDA statistics.

TechBridge created a data-sharing system and a community portal allowing all participating nonprofit and governmental organizations to see food pantry allocations, actual food supply, and neighborhood-level service statistics for the 900 food pantries across the five boroughs of New York City.

[1]These organizations include City Harvest, United Way of New York City, the New York City Human Resources Administration, and the New York State Department of Health-Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP).

Collective Action Powers Collaborative Outcomes

Homeless Continuum of Care

Health Improvement Collaboratives

Workforce Development

Cradle to Career Initiatives

Strive Together and other Educational Collaboratives

Place Based Initiatives

Hunger Relief

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