Nonprofit Salesforce Support Streamlines Your Processes

Dec 14, 2021

Success for a nonprofit is defined by achieving your organization’s founding mission through expansive community impact. Necessary internal processes and nonprofit programs help to reach that goal, but managing those programs can often be time-consuming and cumbersome. That’s why many nonprofits are looking to Salesforce solutions to improve their processes. But it can be overwhelming to know how to get started. We provide your team with the nonprofit Salesforce support you need to get where you want to go.

Why Nonprofit Salesforce Support is a Must-Have for Your Organization: Manual Management to Increased Impact

Salesforce has been making waves by optimizing the efficacy of nonprofits. Using innovative products such as the Nonprofit Cloud and Nonprofit Success Pack, the Salesforce platform has aided in creating incredible wins in the name of impact. These platforms have even seen their total online giving increase by 130% since according to Salesforce, the #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, has reimagined its offerings to fit the needs of nonprofits and has established an integrated product to manage everything in one place to promote maximum reach and impact.

The harsh reality is that many nonprofits are struggling with outdated manual processes, resulting in a series of perpetual challenges. If you’re finding yourself drowning in spreadsheets, know there is a better way through our nonprofit Salesforce support program. We save you time and energy using innovative technology, so your organization has the capacity to go further in your specific field, rather than remaining bogged down by administrative inefficiencies.

What if you could manage clients, processes, and donors more efficiently to increase your reach? How could you use the time you save? Imagine a change where internal processes are customized, automated, and digitized so your organization can have the space to get innovative and hands-on in the pursuit of good.

While the benefits of managing income streams, inbound grants, and programs all in one place are clear, what is the need for nonprofit Salesforce support? What makes our nonprofit Salesforce support service worth the investment?

1. We Provide a Professional and Customized Set-Up

While Salesforce software makes digital management a breeze, getting started requires professional setup for optimal success. Our team of experts knows the intricacies of Salesforce, providing your organization with confidence in your newly set-up systems through our nonprofit Salesforce support solution. Imagine eliminating worry about the day-to-day stresses of internal data structures and information flow, and instead having the freedom to explore new (and deepen existing) opportunities to expand impact in your local community.

2. We’re A Nonprofit Who Understands Nonprofits

It is no secret that specific challenges exist within the nonprofit space. As these obstacles arise, an understanding partner is needed to come alongside an organization to handle the results of these challenges. Our nonprofit support service is ideal to curate a customized system to fit your organization’s exact needs because we have a personal understanding of the nonprofit world. No more manually assessing potential clients, spending hours running reports, or struggling to balance donations with accounting efficiently. Our nonprofit Salesforce support services allow you to focus on what really matters: the people you exist to serve.

3. We Maximize Your Money

With the existing cost associated with purchasing Salesforce, adding nonprofit Salesforce support may seem unattainable for your nonprofit. But what if there were a way to combine professional setup with a personal understanding of nonprofit needs and challenges without ignoring the realities of a carefully designated budget?

By clearly defining your organization’s needs and intentionally identifying which Salesforce solutions would fulfill them, your precious dollars obtain their maximum value. Our mission at TechBridge is to break the cycle of generational poverty through the use of innovative technology. Our goal as a nonprofit is to equip other nonprofits with the most innovative technology available for the purpose of broadening overall community impact. To accomplish this, we work to make these technologies accessible, making our costs for nonprofit Salesforce support services far less than for-profit corporations allow.

Investing in nonprofit Salesforce support services through a nonprofit saves money and paves a path for the best digital solutions by combining knowledgeable set-up with personal experience and understanding. With customized automation of data and case and client management, our nonprofit Salesforce support services will allow you to spend less time on internal processes and more time in your neighborhood creating impact.

Ready to say goodbye to clunky task management and hello to a streamlined system? Take our free five-minute Operational Readiness Assessment to see where your nonprofit stands see we can begin defining your needs and goals.

The information you provide in this assessment is used to develop a customized implementation plan tailored to your organization. When the assessment is completed, our team can evaluate where your nonprofit stands and develop a specific, measurable outline for the best nonprofit Salesforce support to serve your team. Let’s get started!

Take the Operational Readiness Assessment

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