About Us

Breaking the cycle of generational poverty

We are technology-minded, people-focused problem solvers. We believe the best way to eliminate generational poverty is by helping to grow the impact of nonprofits and developing a talented tech-focused workforce. We support organizations working within our four pillars: hunger relief, homeless support, social justice, and workforce development.

Who We Are

Our team brings efficiency from corporate boardrooms, policy know-how from city hall, and technical acumen from a variety of disciplines. We are dedicated to amplifying the impact of individual nonprofits to eliminate poverty.

What We Do

For nearly a quarter-century, we’ve provided enterprise-grade software for every size of nonprofit in our four pillars. Nonprofits benefit from our customized solutions at substantially below-market cost. We also provide life-changing workforce development through no-cost technology training leading to sustainable careers.

The first pillar: hunger relief
The second pillar: fighting homelessness
The third pillar: social justice
The fourth pillar: workforce developement
The Four Pillars: Hunger Relief, Homelessness, Social Justice, Workforce Development

Products, Programs, & Services


Expanding nonprofits’ reach and increasing their ability to serve.


Training individuals with the skills to take them into a better future.


Assisting nonprofits with their technology needs.

Explore Our Products, Programs, and Services

hunger relief


Online ordering & inventory listing


In-kind donations management


Online food auction system

homeless support


Data models for client intake

social justice


Case management for pro bono legal services

workforce development

Technology Career Program™ (TCP)

No-cost employment skills training

TCP Youth

Employment skills training for young people

all pillars

Exponent Case Management

Customizable, full-featured case management

ProductHunger ReliefHomeless SupportSocial JusticeWorkforce Development
Saleforce® Services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exponent Case Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Action Development Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Application Development Yes Yes Yes Yes
Readiness Assessment Yes Yes Yes Yes
AgencyExpress™ Yes No No No
DonorExpress™ Yes No No No
Choice™ Yes No No No
HomeBridger™ No Yes No No
JusticeServer™ No No Yes No
TCP No No No Yes
TCP Youth No No No Yes

Nonprofit Support

TechBridge is proud to collaborate with other nonprofits working on the frontlines of our four pillars. By equipping nonprofits with technology, TechBridge exponentially grows their impact. Explore some of the ways TechBridge can help your organization.

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