Salesforce Services

`Manage clients, processes, and donors efficiently

We want your organization to thrive.

What if you could manage your clients, processes, and donors more efficiently? How would you use the time you saved?

We work with Salesforce as an official Implementation Partner. We configure Salesforce for nonprofit fundraising, program management, and outcomes measurement.

Nationwide, we work with nonprofits to streamline their digital systems and reduce manual data management by utilizing Salesforce software.

Learn more about which Salesforce solutions could improve workflows in your organization.

  • Built on the #1 Customer Relationship Management software
  • Connect with volunteers, donors, clients, and board members
  • Capture fundraising data in one place
  • Beautiful, ready-to-use reporting templates
  • Understand which initiatives are most effective
  • Manage any type of program
  • Deliver personalized client services
  • Human-centric support, anytime, anywhere
  • Understand and share your impact
  • Develop client goals
  • Streamline client intake and referrals
  • Save time and manual data entry with automations
  • Scale your ability to deliver personalized care and services
  • Built with input from product real users

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