A module offered within our cloud-based, supply chain management platform SCM4Hunger™

AgencyExpress™ is a web-based shopping tool that enables member food banks to list their inventories online, making food ordering simple and efficient. This tool equips partner agencies to order directly from their food bank’s online inventory.

TechBridge is proud to partner with Feeding America in the use of AgencyExpress™.

Leeks, carrots, and other produce.

By the Numbers



Agencies (e.g., Soup Kitchens, Food Pantries) using AgencyExpress


Pounds of food delivered via AgencyExpress since inception


Feeding America food banks currently using AgencyExpress


Total pounds of food processed by AgencyExpress in 2021

In 2023, TechBridge and Feeding America will launch AgencyExpress4, which will:


  • Be ERP agnostic and work with any ERP utilized by food banks
  • Leverage modern app programming solutions for real-time data sync
  • Have a brand-new, browser-independent, mobile-friendly interface
  • Feature a new order scheduling workflow to reflect accurate inventory
  • Enhance pickup and delivery scheduling
Screenshot of AgencyExpress dashboard
AgencyExpress dashboard

Photo by Peter Wendt.

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