TechBridge software solution for legal service organizations.

JusticeServer™ is case management that facilitates pro bono legal service delivery to low-income clients.

JusticeServer: A TechBridge Solution
The 3rd pillar: social justice. A pillar icon with a flame sitting on top.
The 3rd pillar: social justice

Who Can JusticeServer Help?

JusticeServer simplifies workflows for any legal services organization needing:

  • Case management
  • Pro bono case matching
  • Collective action — share data securely & privately with organizations offering similar services

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Available Features

With JusticeServer, social justice organizations gain data-sharing capability with other nonprofits and community collaboratives.

JusticeServer provides intake assessment, service tracking, case records, outcomes reporting, referral tracking, and more.

JusticeServer can be built on top of Salesforce, but because it is fully customizable, it doesn’t have to be.

Available features include:

  • View public cases
  • View closed cases
  • Express interest in cases
  • Manage client intake
  • Handle multiple cases per client
  • Manage casework
  • Check for conflicts
  • Screen for eligibility
  • Manage referrals
  • View funding & problem codes
  • Track time
  • Manage hotlines
  • Set reminders
  • Register volunteer attorneys
  • Manage email subscriptions
  • Sign up for & manage clinics
  • Update profiles
  • Coordinate pro bono cases
  • Track outcomes
  • Create custom reports

We’re just getting started, but already making an impact.

Since 2017, thousands of lawyers have used our platform to provide volunteer legal support, making a positive societal impact.

Collective Action

JusticeServer can also facilitate collective action. Nonprofits coordinate their services with JusticeServer, they serve more people while collecting valuable data insights about their clients.

Case Studies

Pro Bono Services Under COVID Lockdown

The Problem: Approximately 15% of Michigan households with children reported “sometimes or often” not having enough food to eat in the previous seven days. The same percentage say they have slight or no confidence in paying their next rent or mortgage payment on time. Many of these households qualify for aid but have little time to spare and don't know how to navigate complex application requirements. With their many responsibilities, their mental resources are pushed to the limit.

Legal Services Organizations (LSOs) exist to ease the burden of overworked, under-resourced families. But the LSOs themselves are facing increasing caseloads as needful population grows and their own resources shrink. This was never more true than under COVID restrictions when job losses skyrocketed (increasing the need for services) and corporations cut back their underwriting (decreasing funding for the LSOs).

Michigan Advocacy Program

Michigan Advocacy Program

The Michigan Advocacy Program coordinates a collaborative of nearly a dozen LSOs to provide legal access to the most vulnerable populations. They were already stretched when they came to us to solve their administrative bottlenecks.

The Solution: We launched a tailored, large-scale implementation of JusticeServer right before the lockdown. Nobody was expecting the stresses COVID would place on obtaining legal services, including us, when we launched. But the platform proved so robust that it not only maintained but increased the number of clients served and attorneys matched during the worst of the crisis.

JusticeServer presently serves the entire state of Michigan.

Finding the Right Provider

The Problem: The Eviction Defense Collaborative (EDC) is a collaborative of ten Legal Services Organizations (LSOs) that needed to coordinate better. As in Michigan, (EDC) saw a huge increase in eviction cases when the world went into COVID lockdown. Illegal evictions surged despite the passage of the No Eviction Without Representation Act of 2018 and the CARES Act of 2020.

Under the CARES Act, some landlords were not permitted to file evictions for nonpayment before July 25, 2020. This meant that EDC would not only be working to prevent evictions filed before that deadline but also would need to prepare for an onslaught of cases that were coming afterward.

Eviction Defense Collaborative

Eviction Defense Collaborative

The Solution: JusticeServer streamlined and centralized communication among agencies, giving the ten organizations the means to track client outcomes among themselves.

JusticeServer made it possible for potential evictees to request legal services without an in-person visit. It then furnished tenant intake records and display key details on the dashboard.

The results were evaluated and ranked as suggested referrals to a staff member for approval. Under shelter-in-place rules, this portal allowed tenants to enter through one “virtual” door to receive legal representation from one of ten legal services providers. EDC collaborative members have the assurance that their clients are eligible for their help without an in-person meeting, thereby reducing risk.

These nonprofits utilized JusticeServer™ to amplify their good work

Legal Aid at Work

Legal Aid at Work

Legal Aid at Work

San Francisco-based nonprofit Legal Aid at Work offers free legal services to help low-income people exercise and advance their workplace rights.

Legal Aid at Work was awarded the TechBridge Dream Big for Social Justice Grant in the spring of 2022. As part of the grant, we implemented a customized instance of JusticeServer, consolidating their client- and case-tracking and automating their processes, ultimately allowing them to serve more Californians.

Health Consumer Alliance logo

Health Consumer Alliance

Health Consumer Alliance

The Health Consumer Alliance (HCA) is a technology solution unifying its 10 independent local nonprofit partners across California. HCA helps them connect its free legal services to consumers in all languages and income levels. HCA has created several local JusticeServer instances. A cloud-based data warehouse enables local and statewide reporting.

Pension Rights Center

Pension Rights Center

Pension Rights Center

TechBridge built a JusticeServer prototype to allow 7 of the Pension Rights Center-associated organizations to use the same set-up for case management while reducing the cost of separate system builds. A single system ensured system integrity and ease of reporting.

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