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TechBridge works with nonprofits, providing the technology tools and resources they need to advance their missions more effectively and sustainably. We also help nonprofits form partnerships with others working on the same cause in the same community. Our work helps nonprofits work together to create lasting, positive change that makes a difference in lives and communities.


We start with a comprehensive assessment to clearly define your organizational needs and goals and understand the dynamics surrounding your team, existing processes, tools and data.

Strategy and Solutions

We develop a strategic roadmap that addresses immediate and long term goals with prioritized recommendations. Our team of engineers develop, implement and manage each strategy and solution.

Community Impact

Our work in community change amplifies philanthropic investment and drives lasting change in communities by facilitating collaborative partnerships and collective impact.



Lutheran Services of Georgia

Finding, strengthening and creating homes for individuals and families in need in Georgia is the focus of Lutheran Services. A Performance Measurement Assessment will enhance collaboration with other relevant agencies and organizations.
Total Amount Needed $6,000
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