Hunger Relief

Food security is our most basic need. TechBridge empowers nonprofits on the frontlines of hunger relief to efficiently serve those struggling to put food on their tables. Ensuring that vulnerable populations have a stable source of food is the first step in the journey out of poverty.

TechBridge equips high-volume food banks with a cloud-based, supply chain management platform. This software streamlines the management of food inventories and improves interactions with corporate donors when collecting food surpluses.

Hunger Relief

Dream Big™ Grant

A Nonprofit Grant

How can your organization utilize technology to work with TechBridge to break the cycle of generational poverty?

Our Dream Big™ Grants were created to help nonprofits apply creative technology solutions to their organizations. Technology has the potential to transform the operations of shelters, food pantries, workforce development programs, and so much more.


Pounds of food donated through Agency Express™


Meals distributed in


Pounds of food distributed by Agency Express™ in

Our Platform Offers These Modules to Food Banks

Agency Express™

Online Ordering

Agency Express™ is a web-based shopping tool that enables member food banks to list their inventories online, making food ordering simple and efficient.

Donor Express™

In-kind Donations Management

Donor Express™ empowers manufacturers to make their product donations available to Feeding America online.


Online Auction System

Choice™ is an online/mobile-enabled auction system through which each food bank is delegated points. As available food is posted online, each food bank can bid their points toward the food they want at a twice-daily auction. 

Raise Funds & Educate Your Audience

Virtual Food Drive

Virtual Food DriveThe Virtual Food Drive offers nonprofits a simple and effective way to achieve online fundraising while simultaneously educating donors about the additional buying power their cash donations can make.

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