Exponent Case Management


Exponent Partners and TechBridge have launched an official partnership enabling TechBridge to implement the Exponent Case Management (ECM) app for clients

Exponent Case Management

Exponent Case Management (ECM) is comprehensive case management software for nonprofits. We designed it to connect all of your programs’ parts with tools to help your participants reach their goals so you can focus on what really matters: positive outcomes.

Founded in , Exponent Partners has helped hundreds of nonprofits leverage the Salesforce platform for good. Like TechBridge, Exponent Partners is dedicated to advancing nonprofits for great social impact. As the first official implementation partner of Exponent Case Management, Exponent Partners has given our clients access to the leading program management app built on the Salesforce Platform.


Case Management Automation

No one is busier than frontline staff, so Exponent Partners has designed a platform to set everyone up for success. Their advanced workflows are based on programmatic goals and milestones ensuring that no client slips through the cracks. Set deadlines, notifications, and alerts with ease. It’s time to help more people without limiting your program’s effectiveness while ensuring program fidelity.

Workforce Development Module

A pre-configured version of ECM designed to support employment programs that ensures that your programs are aligned with best practices and sector-wide standards.

Outcomes Measurement

Real-time dashboards ensure participants are on track to meet goals and program-level outcomes.

Other Features

  • High-level client and case records across the organization, linked to avoid duplication
  • Tailored intake forms to help you capture data on both client- and case-records
  • Automatically track baseline, intermediate, and most recent assessments so you can see changes over time
  • Track units of service, type of service, case notes, and any other information you need to associate with a service
  • Record, track, and interact with internal or external referrals

[We] wanted to prove that [our] model for moving homeless families out of crisis was highly successful and repeatable — and that [our] investment in IT systems was paying off in many ways. Working with TechBridge, [we] were able to demonstrate how technology investment provided key performance measures, improved fundraising performance, implemented [our] strategic plan, and captured other measures. All of these improvements saved enormous amounts of time, effort, and energy, so [our] case managers could spend more time interfacing with clients. With the upcoming implementation of Exponent Case Management, [we estimate] a savings of $18,900 per year through reduced administration required to generate client metrics needed for [our] decision-making.

Rainbow Village

— on their use of the TechBridge Exponent Case Management software

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