Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement

TechBridge Contributes to the City of Atlanta Eviction Diversion Efforts

January 8, 2024

[Atlanta, ] — TechBridge, one of the country’s leading technology nonprofits for ending generational poverty, has developed an online portal to assist with eviction diversion efforts. The portal was developed in partnership with the Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement (ARCHI).

Background: The City of Atlanta has joined other cities across America in their efforts to create affordable housing and keep its citizens housed through eviction diversion efforts. The city and partner organizations have allocated nearly $23 million to this work.

In collaboration with ARCHI, TechBridge developed a common intake application and Salesforce-based portal to allow Atlanta residents seeking assistance with rent, mortgage, or utility bills a single entry point the myriad of providers. The portal benefits Atlantans seeking housing help by allowing them to reach multiple providers via one application, as opposed to having to apply to each provider individually. This portal is one example of many of ARCHI’s initiative to “Invert the Burden” for our neighbors-in-need when connecting them with assistance.

The portal is an example of TechBridge’s commitment to fostering collective action and making a meaningful impact on communities. Through the power of technology and data, we transform connected nonprofits into essential building blocks, paving the way for individuals to forge unique paths out of poverty, said TechBridge CEO Clint Bailey. TechBridge continues to drive positive change, bridging gaps and empowering communities for a brighter future.

The ARCHI portal has inspired additional projects, such as a portal to allow housing developers to access low-income housing financial support products from different entities all in one application. This common application has the overarching goal of increasing low-income housing inventory.

The ARCHI portal is not TechBridge’s only work in eviction diversion; they also partnered with California’s Eviction Defense Collaborative (EDC). The EDC is its own agency, working with ten other legal services organizations across San Francisco to provide full-scope representation to residential tenants facing eviction. JusticeServer, a TechBridge legal case management solution, acts as a platform helping EDC to evaluate a tenant’s intake record based on key application details sent to the JusticeServer portal. The portal then evaluates and returns ranked results of suggested referrals to a selected staff member for approval. Tenants can enter through one virtual door to receive legal representation from one of the ten legal services providers in the collaborative.

By building tools for their partners such as EDC and ARCHI, TechBridge is contributing to housing efforts coast-to-coast, aligning with one of TechBridge’s four pillars (Homeless Support)1. Providing both on-demand emergency housing and long-term stable housing gives stability to families and individuals. When people experiencing poverty have access to shelter, they can focus on improving their lives.

If your nonprofit organization is interested in technology services to support your mission to fight homelessness, please reach out to Samantha Sanchez, Sr. Director of Community Impact.

1The other pillars are Hunger Relief, Social Justice, and Workforce Development. Each pillar builds on the preceding one.

About TechBridge

TechBridge is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization helping other nonprofits alleviating the causes of generational poverty by equipping them with technology. TechBridge supports these nonprofits in expanding the impact of their missions for the millions of men, women, and children seeking support in hunger relief, homeless support, social justice, and workforce development. For additional information visit


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