5 Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit’s End-of-Year Giving with NPSP Donation Management

Nov 15, 2021

The end of is approaching, and your organization is likely gathering financial data to determine fundraising goals for the end of the calendar year. In the past, this process may have been defined by synthesizing various spreadsheets scattered across your nonprofit’s internal server, long meetings with the finance department to collect monthly giving information, and crafting multiple iterations of the same email to your donors encouraging end-of-year giving.

But what if there was a better way to track your nonprofit’s donations and optimize your donation management?

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) can improve your nonprofit’s donation management process by eliminating duplicate work and tracking all relevant data points in one system. With NPSP donation management, we’ve helped organizations across the country simplify their end-of-year donation tracking to help them achieve their giving goals. Read below for five ways that the NPSP improves your nonprofits donation management.

1. Automated Fundraising Data Collection

Ever wonder how close your organization is to meeting its fundraising goal? The Salesforce NPSP tracks donation information from all your sources — corporate, partners, and individual – in one place, so you can determine where your organization stands. No more referring to disparate spreadsheets and manually calculating donation totals; the NPSP gathers all information collectively, creating clean and customizable reports based on the inputs you choose.

Because NPSP donor management links with your nonprofit’s donation collection system, financial data will load automatically and sync with the donor’s account. This automation eliminates the need for your organization’s staff to enter donations manually and increases their capacity for other valuable work.

2. Integration with email marketing and volunteer management

Nonprofits rely on donations to survive and thrive. But is your organization communicating with your generous donors in the most effective and targeted way?

Grouping donors by relevant categories like donor tenure, volunteer experience, donation frequency, and geographic region allows your team to send highly specific communication to capture their attention and increase their involvement and likelihood for giving.

NPSP donation management can help your organization answer questions like:

  • How long has Beth Santillo been donating to our organization?
  • Have we followed up with Clay Murdock, who just gave us a $1,000 donation?

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack integrates with all major email marketing software, so you can quickly send specific emails based on the categories you choose. Additionally, volunteer management software can be integrated into the NPSP, so your team can determine if your donors have volunteered with your organization, and if so, for how long.

Volunteers 4 Salesforce can help your organization answer questions like:

  • Has Beverly Bruning volunteered with our nonprofit before?
  • What percentage of our volunteers are also donors?

3. The NPSP provides a single source of truth

It’s natural in organizations, no matter the size, to fall into the habit of copying, editing, and pasting spreadsheets on your internal server. But then, the familiar problem emerges: which spreadsheet is the correct and most updated version? Where does the truth lie?

With NPSP donation management, your organization’s information is gathered in one cloud-based server where all employees can access and edit when needed. Because the NPSP is constantly syncing with your organization’s incoming donations, your team will be confident that the donation information on Salesforce is up-to-date and correct.

NPSP can be integrated with your email so you can keep track of all your touchpoints with donors.  

4. NPSP donation management easily creates ad-hoc financial reports

Do you want to simplify the process of communicating current, accurate financial metrics with your leadership team or board? At TechBridge, we understand that nothing is more time consuming and stressful than checking multiple data management systems and portals to determine your nonprofit’s financial status, especially at the end of each calendar year.

NPSP donor management has the capacity to create specific, easy-to-understand giving reports. Working within Salesforce, the NPSP quickly gathers donation data and automatically formats professional reports to keep your team and all interested parties updated on the status of your nonprofit.

NPSP reports are easy to filter by calendar year, fiscal year, and even monthly or weekly. You have real-time data on your fundraising performance.

5. The NPSP is fully customizable

No nonprofit is identical. Depending on your mission and the people you serve, your needs will be unique. The Nonprofit Success Pack is designed to be fully customizable within Salesforce.

During implementation, your organization will work with our top-notch professionals. We will help you identify the best way to sort and categorize your data to ensure your donation management is optimized to meet and even exceed your financial goals.

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and that’s why we request information on the front-end. At TechBridge, we seek to understand where your nonprofit is today and dream with you about where you want to go.

If your organization’s team is tired of performing manual, time-intensive tasks when gathering donor information and seeks to improve your donation management system, we invite you to take our free Operational Readiness Assessment.

Once we understand where your organization stands, we can then help to implement NPSP donation management to improve your nonprofit’s existing processes.

Say goodbye to manual, disparate donation management, and take the Operational Readiness Assessment today.

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