7 Ways the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Can Give Your Nonprofit Superpowers

Nov 10, 2021

As a nonprofit grows, so does the complexity of the organization. What was once managed by spreadsheets and basic documents becomes overwhelming, and the organization needs to keep a growing team in sync with the most current information. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) facilitates nonprofit growth, coordination, and communication. It helps nonprofits maintain their relationships, track finances, and organize their programs. The NPSP becomes the brain and backbone of the nonprofit organization.

1. It acts as your CRM

CRM stands for customer relationship management. A CRM is a piece of software that allows a nonprofit to better track and manage its relationships with its clients, customers, and donors. A CRM is essential for every nonprofit because it helps them know where they stand with each individual relationship. It provides a single source of truth where anyone in the nonprofit can understand who a person is, what the nonprofit has provided to that person, and how the person has engaged with the nonprofit as a volunteer, customer, or donor. A high-functioning CRM will give the complete history of an individual or organization’s interaction with your nonprofit.

2. It can track your programs

Nonprofit programs help people, but the management of those programs can often be complex and time-consuming. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack allows you to organize your programs, tracking progress, measuring effectiveness, and adjusting to better serve the program’s constituents. Because Salesforce knows that every nonprofit’s programs are unique, the Nonprofit Success Pack supports customization to suit the needs of your distinct programs.

3. It helps you track your donors

Have you ever wondered who gave donations at your last giving campaign or in the last month? Have you ever asked for a report on monthly givers but struggled to find the data? The Salesforce nonprofit success pack helps to streamline this information. It can help you track donors, how they give, how they communicate, and how you communicate with them. This insight gives nonprofits using NPSP the ability to create targeted messaging and donation strategies to engage donors further. By having advanced donor tracking, nonprofits can recognize trends and capitalize on new opportunities.

4. It helps you engage with volunteers

Volunteer engagement and tracking is critical for nonprofits. The NPSP can assist your team with tracking and engaging with your volunteers. You will be able to see where volunteers last served, as well as all the communications you’ve had with them and their various areas of interest. By tracking volunteer relationships in more detail, nonprofits can more deeply engage with their volunteers, helping to create raving fans.

5. It helps you keep track of grants

Applying for grants is critical for many nonprofits. Keeping up with the grant’s criteria, deadlines, submission status, and other details is cumbersome and time-consuming. NPSP can track those details for you and more. Salesforce will allow you to connect your grant applications to your existing programs, helping to understand how your programs are funded.

Grantmakers can also use Salesforce to customize grant applications, helping to streamline and simplify the application process. The applications are then stored within Salesforce, allowing the entire grantmaking team to review and interact with applicant information in one location. Grantmakers can also create grantee portals, allowing the grant applicant to track the status of their application.

6. It makes reporting easy

Quality reporting is essential for every nonprofit. Whether reporting to a leader, a board, or the community, accurate reporting on essential metrics is critical to show growth and success. Salesforce helps to simplify the reporting process. When using the nonprofit success pack, you can track programs, volunteers, donors, and more, all in one place, which allows you to create robust reports with data points across each of those areas.

7. It gives you a single source of truth

Because the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack can manage so many aspects of a nonprofit, it becomes the single source of truth for the organization. Having a single source of truth is critical because it streamlines the organization’s operations, eliminating inefficacy, improving data accuracy, and increasing productivity.

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack helps nonprofits level up from disorganized spreadsheets and documents to having a single source of truth in the cloud, accessible by their entire team. It enables nonprofits to be highly organized, communicative to their stakeholders, and supercharges their efforts. If you think you’re ready to try the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, complete our Operational Readiness Assessment today!

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