Reflecting on Our Work

Feb 8, 2023
Our Work

As we reflect back on the last few years, we are amazed at our small but mighty team and the important work we do at TechBridge.


We introduced our four pillars — Hunger Relief, Homeless Support, Social Justice, and Workforce Development, making it easier for the community to understand what, and more importantly, how we serve.

TechBridge’s 4 pillars: hunger relief, homeless support, social justice, workforce development

Hunger Relief

We’ve made incredible strides in the Hunger Relief sector. Feeding America continues to be our longest-standing customer. We will soon release our Agency Express 4 product, which will allow our supply chain management for hunger platforms to be used by any food bank — anywhere — as it will be operating system agnostic. The 4 billion pounds of food we help move through our system will potentially be doubled. We also updated our Virtual Food Drive platform (a fundraising tool for food banks) and our FreshConnectx platform, funded by Microsoft. The latter app enables local stores to distribute their distressed goods.

Homeless Support

We successfully deployed our HomeBridger platform with the United Way of Nashville and we gained incredible insight into how to build data lakes and connect disparate agencies and systems. More importantly, we were able to prove that we could invert the burden of support for families experiencing homelessness, thus helping them get to stability quicker. That work set the stage for the work we are now doing in Atlanta with the Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement (ARHCI). Our expertise in building data systems helping social agencies to lock arms and share information with each other is the basis for ARHCI’s technology approach. ARHCI plans to award us additional support as we provide tech solutions to address the homelessness crisis in our Atlanta community.

We are also using expertise gained from the HomeBridger initiative at the Martha O’Bryan Center, where we won a bid to support the Tennessee Alliance for Economic Mobility (TAEM) initiative. We were selected to develop and maintain a transitional benefits calculator, focused on predicting the impact that the benefits cliff has on struggling families. TAEM is re-imagining the financial makeup of how Tennessee supports families trying to rise out of poverty. Our technology solution involves pulling data from 32 public and private organizations committed to improving low-income families’ economic mobility and well-being. Our work will allow Tennessee to prove that low dollars have a high impact when families can work hard and rise economically without the immediate loss of childcare or other support services.

Social Justice

Our work in social justice continues to be our largest growth area. We are just completing our state-wide implementation of JusticeServer for Michigan. We will soon begin requirements gathering for statewide implementation of JusticeServer in Kentucky.

We continue to work with Legal Aid agencies and help digitally transform their operations so that they can more efficiently track and manage cases to help families in desperate need of legal support.

Last year with a grant from Microsoft we launched a stand-alone version of our Pro Bono Portal. Our Pro Bono Portal brings together pro bono lawyers who donate their time to help low-income families and organizations find legal solutions to their problems. Our Pro Bono app matches lawyers to open cases and provides tools to allow lawyers to communicate with the supporting agency, and the family in need, track paperwork and filings and keep a pulse on their case progress. We currently have over 1,900 pro bono lawyers on our platform. Our pro bono lawyers donated over $60 million dollars in support hours and have touched the lives of over 48,000 families.

TCP Participants

Workforce Development

Most of the work we do is at the service of other nonprofits, except for our Workforce Development pillar. Our Workforce Development pillar provides direct services to the community.

We got this pillar off the ground with our 16-week no-cost Technology Career Program (TCP). TCP provides technology training to underrepresented and underemployed adults. We have expanded to include support for nonprofit partners, who have outsourced their workforce development efforts to us. Our nonprofit partners include organizations such as Goodwill of North Georgia and the Urban League. We’ve also developed custom TCP cohorts for employers such as Accenture, ServiceNow, JPMorgan Chase, Ernst & Young, Infosys, Macy’s, and Microsoft.

What does this all mean? It means thousands of lives have been positively impacted and thousands of poverty cycles broken.

Our Events: Convening People for Discussion, Collaboration, & Fun

Over the last several years we have also hosted our amazing Digital Ball events, launched our CXO Alliance series, and so much more.

We’ve had growth during one of the biggest crises in American history — the pandemic — and the bottom line is that we worked together to increase social and community impact!

Our work and our mission matter. Lives depend on it. How can we break the cycle of poverty? Together.

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